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13 Fun Words

Words are fun. Hey, I’m a writer. I LOVE words! And some words are just plain fun.

1. Manolo Blahnik – okay, not actually a word. This is a name. But still, it’s fun. 1) it has a funny sound. 2) shoes. Shoes are fun.
2. Spaghetti – just fun. And yummy. When I was young I couldn’t pronounce it. I called it Scabetty.
3. Effervescent. Another fun sounding word. Kinda sounds like “effing pheasant”
4. Egg. What a stupid sounding word! This one must have been around since caveman days.
5. Mississippi. Sounds kind of like a snake with elegance
6. Worcestershire. How do YOU pronounce it? Wishes stir sure
7. Scandinavia. It has such a nice flow, with accents making the voice rise and fall.
8. Possession. There’s not a Z in this word. Why do we pronouce it that way?
9. Earl. Another short gutteral word. Say egg. Then say earl. Which is lower in the throat?
10. Mama. So easy to say it’s usually the 1st word a child says.
11. Pizza. There’s not a T in the word, but that’s often how Italian words with double Zs are pronounced.
12. Wednesday. Do you pronounce the D?
13. No. Another easy word. Do you add a W sound at the end?

There 13 words I think are fun! Happy Thursday!

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