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My Winnipeg Weekend

This past weekend I went up to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for the Barony of Castel Rouge’s 12th Night event. 12th Night is a common event celebrated in the SCA. I always have a good time up there in Castel Rouge. I’ll be up there again in May for the Crown Tourney. I drove up with Tiff and Chris and stayed at Dave and Robyn’s. One of the 12th Night traditions is to give small gifts to friends. Robyn gave me this terrific bowler hat. She said I could use it for my steampunk costuming. She’s right. I thought it looked pretty nice on me:)



The theme at this event was Indian, so many of the attendees wore saris and salwar kameez. Others wore the dress of their chosen persona.




A marvellous (really, truly, awesome) henna artist was there to create art on hands, arms and feet. If you ever get to see Kim atwww.winnipeghenna.com, go for it! Her work is stunning. I chose a fairly simple design that went from the tip of my left forefinger to a band around my wrist. Kim sprinkled glitter over the wet henna. As the henna dried some of the glitter flaked off, but mostly it stayed until I showered on sunday night. Here is what it looks like now.






I had a wonderful time with old friends and made some new ones too. Here is my friend Lyndi (actually the person I based Rose Turner on) her dad Ron  and me.



During court, seeing three knights swear fealty was stirring. Someday I really do have to write some medieval historical romance!



All in all, it was a great weekend!

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