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Tuesday Teaser-Eddie’s Prize

It’s time a for a teaser from my Work in Progress, Eddie’s Prize. Lisa, an international fashion model back home, is frightened, and wants Eddie to win her.  Here are a couple paragraphs from just before the Bride Fights starts.


      Lisa looked quickly at the sea of men on the theater floor and found Eddie by his dark gold hair and pale skin. He was almost directly below her, standing a yard away from the stage. For a one moment she forgot everything else while she ran slow, thorough eyes over him. Eddie was a god. A perfect idol fashioned of gold and ivory. He was shirtless and his lean chest and narrow waist were pale amid all the dark-skinned men. Lisa frowned. His pecs and abs were well-defined, but he looked so slender, almost skinny, compared to the other men he stood with. If those other men, so burly and thick, were who he would be fighting, he wouldn’t have a chance.

      Ray seemed to read her concern. He patted her on the head like a child, although she was an inch taller than he was. “He might look a bit small, but he’s fast and a helluva lot stronger than he looks. He’ll mop the floor with the rest of them fighters. Just wait. I’ll be calling you daughter before night.”

      Ugh, that was the bad part of Eddie winning. But still, Eddie was the best choice. Some of these other men eying her and puffing out their chests were handsome enough to be models – or they would be if they did something with their hair and teeth—but Eddie was the only one she wanted.

2 Responses to Tuesday Teaser-Eddie’s Prize

  • Can’t wait to read it! When does it come out?

    • Probably not until after Christmas. I still have about 4 chapters to write, and then do revisions and re-writes before sending it in to the publisher. Yikes! I better get writing!

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