My current series is a futuristic titled After the Crash. It takes place in the future, but there are no cool advanced technical gadgets or weapons. In fact, most people are living like it’s the American frontier all over again. Terrorists used nuclear devices to simultaneously destroy most major US cities, as well as major cities in other countries. With the huge loss of life, the infrastructure crumbled. Hospitals and rescue services were so overwhelmed that they failed. The survivors fled from the cities, and the rural areas were then overwhelmed. Sewer systems failed, food ran out and disease ran rampant. Government broke down. Computer systems crashed due to cyber warfare. The terrorists also released a virus that later came to be known as the Woman Killer Plague. It killed both men and women but more women died. In fewer than 20 years the population was less than 10% of what it had been, and there was only 1 woman for every 200 men. There was no internet, no cars, no phones, but werewolves and other paranormals have emerged and made themselves known.

       In 2014 a plane takes off from Minneapolis heading for Denver. It crashes somewhere in rural Nebraska, and cell phones, laptops and other technology don’t work. The survivors don’t realize they have been flung forward in time to 2064, fifty years after the nuclear attacks. With medical aid desperately needed for the injured, six of the survivors who were not badly injured are asked to pair up and walk to find help.


sleepingwiththewolfAfter the Crash, Book 1: Sleeping With the Wolf

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Carla is an up and coming country music star when she boards a plane for Denver in the year 2014. After the plane crashes in the year 2064 she learns that nuclear war destroyed technology and unleashed a plague that devastated the female population. Even now, decades after the plague has dwindled to isolated outbreaks, women are precious commodities to be fought for, and Carla finds herself offered as the prize in a Bride Fight. Alpha wolf Taye knows Carla is his mate. Losing her is unacceptable. He wins the Bride Fight. But can he win her heart?








After the Crash, Book 2:  Wolf’s Glory

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When goth-girl Glory Peterson’s plane crashes she walks to find help. What she finds are people living in teepees like it’s the Old West. Wolf’s Shadow knows Glory is his mate. Glory’s happy to take a roll in the hay with him while she’s waiting for transportation back to civilization, but when she finds out she’s gone fifty years into the future and Shadow is a bossy werewolf who thinks he owns her, her attitude changes fast. Shadow is used to giving orders that are obeyed. Glory hasn’t obeyed an order since kindergarten. When two strong-willed lovers clash, who will win?



After the Crash, Book 3: Wolf Tracker

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Strong, independent Tami was a survivalist and mountain guide in 2014 when she was flung forward fifty years into a post-apocalyptic future where women are worth their weight in gold. She is taken by four men to be their wife, but when she escapes from them they hire the Tracker, a deadly loner from the Clan with a reputation for being able to track anything,  to bring her back. But Tami knows how to ride and how to hide, and she leads him on a chase that rouses his admiration. Behind Tracker’s stone cold face is a man who yearns for a wife of his own. When he catches up with Tami and learns that she is not a willing wife, he knows he can’t give her up. If her husbands aren’t willing to let Tami go, he’ll make her a widow.


After the Crash, Book 3.25: Wolf’s Oath

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 Connie Mondale, co-pilot of the crashed plane, has no intention of being forced into marriage, thank you very much. A former fighter pilot, she’s accustomed to being in charge. But leading two dozen undisciplined women is harder than flying missions over Iraq and Afghanistan. Scarier, too, with woman-hungry men outnumbering them two hundred to one. When Des, the grim-faced werewolf who is always there to support her, offers to share the load, how can she refuse?







Sherry's Wolf2sml




After the Crash, Book 3.5: Sherry’s Wolf 

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 Crash survivor Sherry Rowe was out of her mind with pain when help arrived at the crash site. When the big gray wolf transformed before her eyes into a gorgeous naked man who claimed her as his mate she thought he was a hallucination induced by the horror of the plane crash and the pain of her broken legs. But days later, he was still there, trying to take care of her. How could Jumping Stag expect her to love him, a man who turned to a perverted animal, when she was still dealing with the loss of the husband who hadn’t survived the crash?




Tales front cover

 Tales of the Wolf Clan  Paperback  Wolf’s Oath and Sherry’s Wolf in one volume!


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After the Crash, Book 4: Eddie’s Prize  

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Lisa Anton was a world famous fashion model before her plane crashed in a post-apocalyptic future where women are precious and rare and technology is only a memory. She’s offered as a prize in a Bride Fight for the best fighter to take home. From the moment he saw the blond beauty Eddie Madison was determined to make her his wife. Beating a dozen other men in the Bride Fight was child’s play for him. Learning to be a husband is a bit trickier. Eddie has been hiding a secret that could destroy their happiness. Is protecting his secret more important than winning his bride’s love?

After the Crash, Book 5:  Ellie’s Wolf 

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In a post-apocalyptic world where women are rare and valuable, Ellie Overdahl is a widow far from home at the mercy of strangers. Sold to be a prize in a Bride Fight, she manages to send word to her cousin, begging for rescue.

 For six years, Quill Wolfe has mourned the loss of the woman his wolf chose to be his mate. When word comes that Ellie is widowed and about to be forced into an unwanted marriage, he races to enter the Bride Fight. He has waited long enough to claim his mate, and no fighter is good enough to keep him from her. But claiming Ellie is only the beginning. It’s not just the journey home that is dangerous and uncertain.



 Wolf's VengeanceAfter the Crash, Book 6: Wolf’s Vengeance

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 Snake, the fiercely protective wolf who always ends up guarding the mates of other men, finds a mate of his own in this story. Melissa Dirk is a cool-headed cowgirl accused of murdering her husband, and his brothers are demanding she pay for her crime. Maybe she did shoot her abusive, thieving husband, but she’s Snake’s mate. Anyone who wants to hurt her will have to go through him and he will avenge every insult dealt her.







Wolf's Lady Cover ArtAfter the Crash, Book 6.5: Wolf’s Lady

Released December 5, 2014

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A hunky Native American werewolf who has never kissed a woman is hunting for a mate. A curvaceous lady of experience is looking for one special man to settle down with. Can they find love and live happily ever after?


Sand Wolfe, a lonely bachelor of the Lakota Wolf Clan, goes to Omaha to work as muscle in his cousin Sky’s whorehouse. There he meets his mate, Miss Amanda, who also works in Sky’s House, although in a very different position. He will do anything to convince her to accept his mate claim.


Can a businesswoman leave her glamorous life and settle down in a wolf den? Amanda finds Sand’s methods of persuasion very persuasive. But will the men of Omaha allow her to leave? Sand figures he might have to kill a few of her clients, but it’s a small price to pay to bring his mate home.




wolfsprincessAfter the Crash, Book 7: Wolf’s Princess


Released August 3, 2015!

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Rose Turner was only sixteen years old when she was flung fifty years into a post-apocalyptic future and claimed by a teenage wolf shifter. When she refused his claim, Sky Wolfe left the den and moved to Omaha, intending to return when she turned eighteen to renew his courtship. Now, eight years later, in the final installment of the After The Crash Series, Rose is an old maid with a pack of wolf shifters guarding her from other men. She wants a husband and children, and since Sky has ignored her all these years she decides to find a man to love on her own.


Sky has been busy in Omaha, where women are commodities, working to change the laws that oppress them. Victory is at his fingertips when he receives word his mate is husband shopping. Can he free Omaha’s women and woo his mate? Or will he have to choose between them? Read the breathtaking conclusion to the After the Crash series, in which a group of plane crash survivors learn to live in a future that is nothing like their past.