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A list of my books. For more details on individual titles, click on the BOOKS dropdown above.


After the Crash Reading Order

Sleeping With the Wolf-Short Novel

Wolf’s Glory-Novel

Wolf Tracker-Novel

Wolf’s Oath-Novella

Sherry’s Wolf-Novella

Eddie’s Prize-Long Novel

Ellie’s Wolf-Novel

Wolf’s Vengeance-Short Novel

Wolf’s Lady-Novella

Wolf’s Princess-Long Novel


Daughters of the Wolf Clan Reading Order

Olivia’s Mate-Short Novel

Victoria’s Cat-Short Novel

Gina’s Wolf- coming in summer of 2018

Patia’s Puma- coming in late 2018


Stand Alones-Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World

Brave Hearts-Novella

Strong Hearts-coming January 2018


Just my own definitions of book lengths:
Short Stories-10,000-24,000
Short Novel-41,000-59,000
Long Novel-90,000+