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Tales of the Wolf Clan

Tales-front-cover (1)Tales of the Wolf Clan

After the Crash 3.25 & 3.5

Two novellas from the After the Crash series in one paperback volume! Wolf’s Oath 3.25 and Sherry’s Wolf 3.5.

When a plane takes off in 2014 and crashes in 2064 the survivors learn:
1. Nuclear war destroyed the world they knew.
2. Women are now rare and each is worth her weight in gold.
3. Werewolves are more than mere legend, and they want mates!

WOLF’S OATH Connie Mondale, co-pilot of the crashed plane, has no intention of being forced into marriage, thank you very much. A former fighter pilot, she’s accustomed to being in charge. But leading two dozen undisciplined women is harder than flying missions over Iraq and Afghanistan. Scarier, too, with woman-hungry men outnumbering them two hundred to one. When Des, the grim-faced werewolf who is always there to support her, offers to share the load, how can she refuse?

SHERRY’S WOLF Crash survivor Sherry Rowe was out of her mind with pain when help arrived at the crash site. When the big gray wolf transformed before her eyes into a gorgeous naked man who claimed her as his mate she thought he was a hallucination induced by the horror of the plane crash and the pain of her broken legs. But days later, he was still there, trying to take care of her. How could Jumping Stag expect her to love him, a man who turned to a perverted animal, when she was still dealing with the loss of the husband who hadn’t survived the crash?