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Extras/Deleted Scenes


Sometimes a book gets long or a scene just doesn’t fit, so things get deleted. But some of those scenes I like, and I thought you might like to read them too.


This little scene takes place one year after Wolf’s Glory begins. It’s not a deleted scene, just a little snip I wrote for a Halloween themed short story party.

Glory & Shadow 1 year later.pdf


This scene was deleted from Wolf Tracker because it is has nothing to do with Tracker or Tami. It’s just a sweet little scene between Taye and Carla on Christmas Eve.

Deleted from Tracker, Christmas Eve


Here are a few bits deleted from Eddie’s Prize because the book was already too long.

Deleted from Eddie’s Prize


This scene takes place in Sky’s house in Omaha, about 6 months before Ellie’s Wolf begins.

Sky’s New Year’s Eve 2069.pdf


And for those who are wanting a few gaps filled in for Stone and Sara, read these two little snips. These scenes were deleted because Wolf’s Princess was already too long. But they’re good!

Stone & Sara deleted scenes from Wolf’s Princess