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Olivia’s Mate

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Daughters of the Wolf Clan 1

Olivia’s Mate

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Olivia Stensrud, one of the precious daughters of the Lakota Wolf Clan, has lived a charmed life in a world slowly recovering from the nuclear attacks that destroyed technology some seventy-five years earlier. When she is stolen by a feral cat shifter who insists she’s his mate, her father, brothers and cousins track her down and take her back.

Kit is heartbroken by her loss. A mate is a rare thing for his kind to find. Her father promised to kill him if he ever came near Olivia again, but how can Kit give up such a beloved prize? Determined to make himself into a fit mate for a Daughter of the Wolf Clan, Kit goes to live with humans to learn their civilized ways before setting off to woo his mate. Will the thin veneer of culture be enough to win her heart? Or will her menfolk drive him off before he even has a chance to court her?