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Sherry’s Wolf

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After The Crash 3.5

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When a plane crashes fifty years in the future the survivors learn:
1. Nuclear war has destroyed the technology they knew.
2. Plagues have reduced the female population to a precious few and a woman is worth her weight in gold.
3. Werewolves are more than mere myth, and they want mates.

Plane crash survivor Sherry Rowe was out of her mind with pain when help arrived at the crash site. When the big gray wolf transformed before her eyes into a gorgeous, scary, naked man who claimed her as his mate, she thought he was a hallucination induced by the horror of the plane crash and the pain of her broken legs. But days later, he was still there, trying to take care of her. How could Jumping Stag expect her to love him, a man who turned to a perverted animal, when she was still dealing with the loss of the husband who hadn’t survived the crash?