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Ellie’s Wolf

ElliesWolf_600x800.final_-225x300Ellie’s Wolf  toppick

After the Crash 5

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In a post-apocalyptic world where women are rare and valuable, Ellie Overdahl is a widow far from home at the mercy of strangers. Sold to be a prize in a Bride Fight, she manages to send word to her cousin, begging for rescue.

For six years, Quill Wolfe has mourned the loss of the woman his wolf chose to be his mate. When word comes that Ellie is widowed and about to be forced into an unwanted marriage, he races to enter the Bride Fight. He has waited long enough to claim his mate, and no fighter is good enough to keep him from her.

But claiming Ellie is only the beginning. It’s not just the journey home that is dangerous and uncertain.