Wolf’s Princess Is Out!


I am so excited to announce that Wolf’s Princess is available now!


Wolf’s Princess


Rose Turner was only sixteen years old when she was flung fifty years into a post-apocalyptic future and claimed by a teenage wolf shifter. When she refused his claim, Sky Wolfe left the den and moved to Omaha, intending to return when she turned eighteen to renew his courtship. Now, eight years later, in the final installment of the After the Crash series, Rose is an old maid with a pack of wolf shifters guarding her from other men. She wants a husband and children, and since Sky has ignored her all these years she decides to find a man to love on her own.

Sky has been busy in Omaha, where women are commodities, working to change the laws that oppress them. Victory is at his fingertips when he receives word his mate is husband shopping. Can he free Omaha’s women and woo his mate? Or will he have to choose between them? Read the breathtaking conclusion to this series, in which a group of plane crash survivors learn to live in a future that is nothing like their past.

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Ack! August!


Can you believe it is August already?? I have to say this is one of my least favorite months of the year. By this time the joy of warm weather has worn off, and I’m dying for some cool air. It’s too hot to work on my knitting or crocheting or spinning (there’s something so repulsive about having a pound of wool yarn or fleece spread over my lap when it’s so freaking hot outside), and sewing a renaissance costume is out too. The yards of fabric, the heat of the iron and sewing machine… Yuck. Of course, this August will be a little nicer for me because Wolf’s Princess comes out tomorrow. One of the best things to do when the weather is hot is read. I’m going through my kindle but can’t seem to find anything I really want to read. 41 book unread on my kindle, and not a one appeals to me!! This might be because I’m DYING to read  some that aren’t out yet. For instance…


the veil  The Veil by Chloe Neill




Magic Shifts








  Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews














  Archangel’s Enigma by Nalini Singh


That’s only three books, which won’t keep me reading for an entire 30 days. I’m always looking for good reading material, but my budget tells me I can’t afford to buy every book that catches my eye. I like to rely on friends to recommend stories they enjoyed. I like historical, fantasy, science fiction, inspirational, and some Young Adult, as long as it’s a good story and there is at least an element of romance. I love Anne Bishop, Elizabeth Hunter, Grace Draven, Wen Spencer, and Sharon Lee/Steve Miller among others. Help me out. What stories or series do you recommend?

And the Winners Are …

Cassandra S. and Ellen F.!! 


Congrats, ladies!


Thank you, everyone, for your kind and encouraging comments. There is nothing like a little praise to rev up the creative juices. I’m off to work on Kit and Olivia’s story for next week’s Tuesday Teaser  :)

Impromptu Contest! Win an ARC of Wolf’s Princess

Rose turned her head on the pillow to look at Sky and found him looking back at her with a half-smile of smug male satisfaction. A week ago that expression would have driven her to smack him, but right at this moment she admitted he was entitled to look like that. He hadn’t given her sex; he had made love to her.


That is a tiny snip from Wolf’s Princess. Would you like to read the whole thing before the book comes out on Monday, August 3? Just leave a comment below. I will be drawing two winners at 7pm central time on Friday, July 31. Who wants a little reading material for the weekend? :)

Tuesday Teaser 7/28/15: Wolf’s Princess

wolfsprincessOnly a week until Wolf’s Princess is out! I promise to give you more of Kit and Olivia’s story, but this week  I want to tease you a little with a new snip from Sky and Rose’s story. Here Rose is in the reception room at Sky’s House, taking a little break at the bar, while the ladies are entertaining. White Horse is the bouncer on duty. Sky is away. I hope you enjoy it!


“Damn,” the bartender muttered, staring with disapproval at the man who had entered.

Before Rose could ask what was wrong, Dana moved off to fill customer orders. The man came right to the bar, which wasn’t surprising since Tracy couldn’t get all the drink orders herself. But instead of trying to flag the bartender down he came and stood much too close to Rose. She lifted her tray to hold like a shield in front of her and gave him one of the vague smiles she had perfected over the evening.

“Excuse me, sir,” she said, trying to wiggle her way along the wall to get away from him. There was no room for her to go anywhere because the crowd was so thick. “Pardon me.” She made her voice cold and firm. “Let me pass, please.”

“Sure,” he said. “It will only cost you a kiss, honey cakes.”

Honey cakes? Rose managed not to gape at him. “That’s not my job. I’m a waitress. Excuse me so I can go get my tray refilled.”

The man smiled at her and she had to admit it was a very attractive smile. His hair was dark blond, about shoulder length with a hint of a wave to it. Against it, the dark tan of his handsome face and the pale blue of his eyes were almost startling. Really, he was a very handsome man, and probably not more than twenty-five years old. Rose wondered how many other waitresses would have been happy to give him a kiss. But she was a married woman and she was not interested. Well, she wasn’t really married, and if she had met him in Kearney she might have liked to get to know him better.

“Excuse me,” she said with a little more force. When he spread his arms out to keep her from moving, she rotated the tray into a horizontal position. If she shoved the sharp edge into his throat he would move in a big hurry. But there was no need for such extreme actions. She gazed directly up into eyes rimmed with long, dark lashes. “My name is Rose Wolfe. My husband is Sky Wolfe.”

She waited for that to sink in, sure he would step aside as soon as he realized who she was. He moved, but not away. One step brought him close, and he pushed the tray down so it was vertical between them. He was so close that using the tray as a weapon would be impractical. If she jerked it straight up she might be able to slam it into his chin. That might do more damage than he deserved. He put both his hands on her shoulders, leaning in so she could feel his breath on her forehead. Her gaze flicked to his crotch. She could jam the corner of the tray there. That would cause severe pain and humiliation, but he would still be alive. If White Horse took action, there was no guarantee he would live to walk out the door.

Where was White Horse? Rose thought he would be here by now. Of course, there were so many people maybe he hadn’t noticed that this man had corralled her. A low growl sounded behind the man. Nope, Rose thought with an inner smile, White Horse is on the job.

It wasn’t White Horse. She looked over the man’s shoulder and saw Sky, and for the first time since they came to Omaha he looked like a wolf warrior. In spite of his short hair and perfectly fitted business suit, at this moment, Sky looked as feral and scary as Taye in his worst protective rage. His voice rumbled low in his throat as if he were speaking around gravel.

“Take your hands off my wife.”

Tuesday Teaser 7/21/15

I’m putting out the Tuesday Teaser a little earlier than usual since I’ll be out tonight, and once I’m home I’ll be busy. So, without further ado, here is poor Kit.  :(  or  :) Which do you think?


Kit lay on the ground, the pain of his broken and shredded leg throbbing in time with the beating of his heart. Olivia, his one and true mate, was leaving him. She rejected him. She had left him while he slept, and ran to escape him when he found her. She had begged the men of her pride for his life, but hadn’t demanded to be allowed to stay with him.

Her pride would never allow him to court her now. He watched with tear blurred eyes as they hustled Olivia quickly away from him. For one moment, his mate looked over her shoulder at him, but at the direction of her elder, she turned away from him, giving him only her back. Defeated, he let his head sag to the ground and wept.

Dawn was breaking over the eastern hills when Devlin found him. In his half-cat form he didn’t heal as fast as his pride mates, but faster than his human form would heal, so the broken bone in his lower leg had only begun to knit and the slashes in his skin were barely closed. Devlin leaped the last few feet to him and crouched over him, whiskers quivering while he gave him a thorough visual examination before shifting back to human.

“Kit,” the other man said sorrowfully. “How long have you lain here?”

“Two hours. Maybe three.” The tears he’d thought he’d run out of leaked again from Kit’s eyes. “They took my mate. Her pride—her family came and took her away from me.”

Dev smothered a curse and carefully stroked a hand over Kit’s wounds and the broken leg. “How badly are you hurt?”

His leg didn’t hurt nearly as much as the burning hole in his chest. “My body will heal. My heart will not.” Kit began to shift back to human, but Devlin stopped him.

“No, you’ll heal faster in your cat form. You need to get strong again so you can go after your mate.”

“I can’t.” Despair dropped his head back to the ground. “The one she called Dad said he would kill me if he saw me.”

“So don’t let him see you,” Devlin advised. “Can you sit up?”

Kit did, wincing as newly healed skin split again. “You think I should steal her back?”

Devlin propped him up. “That didn’t work very well the first time. Do you think Olivia will accept you the second time?”

“No.” He hung his head, pain from his broken heart slicing like claws through his chest. “She said I should have courted her like a civilized human.”

“Then that’s what you should do.”

Kit clenched his teeth closed over a moan of pain when Devlin heaved him up over his shoulder. His head, hanging down Dev’s back, throbbed. “I’m not civilized or a human.”

“Then learn to be.” Devlin began walking carefully back toward their pride. “Do you want your mate or not?”

Could he learn to be what she wanted? The idea circled his mind, dodging doubt and yearning. “Yes, but I don’t know how to be human,” he confessed.

“Justin will help. He and his human mate can teach you.”

For the first time since his mate had turned her back and walked away from him a spark of hope flared. His pride mate Justin had found his mate among humans and had left the pride to live with her human family. Yes, Justin would help him. He and his human mate would teach him how to be a civilized human. Kit hated the idea of being tamed, but winning his mate was worth it.

Kit closed his eyes against the early morning sun and took a deep breath. He had to concentrate on healing so he would be strong enough to go to Justin. Kit had a mate to learn to court. He would not fail.


7/14/15 Tuesday Teaser: Daughter of the Wolf Clan

Happy Bastille Day!!! Another Tuesday is rolling around, and that means we get to find out what happens when Tracker and his boys catch up with Olivia and Kit. But first, a Public Service Announcement:


This weekend I will be sending out the newsletter with the entry forms for the Kindle Fire and other Prizes!


And now back to your regularly scheduled program.



Strength gone, Olivia fell, skidding painfully on her elbows along the rocky ground. She dragged herself up, to stare as two—no, three—wolves launched themselves, snarling viciously, at Kit. They crashed together in the air and went down in a thrashing mass of fur and teeth.

“Dad!” Olivia croaked. “Wait!”

She scrambled to her feet, but before she could go to the fight, another wolf was there, blocking her way and sticking his nose in her crotch. She slapped at him, realizing too late it was her cousin Colby, not one of her brothers.

“I’m okay,” she said. “I’m not hurt. Let me by.”

Colby growled low in his throat and didn’t move. He was one of the bossiest of her cousins, more Alpha than even his father Taye. She glanced at the furry bodies writhing on the ground, seeing how her dad and brothers were tearing into Kit. They were killing him. It didn’t look like he was even trying to fight back.

“Dad! Stop! Colby, let me by.” Kit was bleeding from multiple lacerations. He didn’t deserve to die. “Dad, I mean it! Let him alone!”

No one was listening to her. They were going to kill Kit. She glared down at Colby’s big gray head and tried to shove him away. “Get out of my way, Cole. The only way you can stop me is if you bite me. You wanna bite me?”

Colby whined, but let her go. He walked so close to her that he nearly pushed her over a couple of times. She clenched her fists as she watched the fight. Except it wasn’t a fight, because Kit only tried to defend himself, not attack. It was three against one, and Kit was losing.

“Dad, he’s not fighting back. Look! You’re going to kill him if you don’t stop.” For the first time in her life, her father ignored her. He ripped into Kit’s leg. “Dad!” she screamed. “He’s not fighting back. Stop!” She didn’t even know she was crying until Kit’s face blurred from her tears. “Kit! Oh, God, you have to fight.”

“No hurt my mate’s pride.”

At least, that’s what she thought he said. His words were distorted and his voice was weak. Desperate, she flung herself at Taylor, the nearest wolf, and grabbed him by the ruff. “Leave him alone,” she ordered. “He never hurt me.”

Colby morphed into a man and grabbed her arm to haul her back. “Are you crazy?”

She twisted away from him. “No. Kit didn’t hurt me. He fought his own people to keep me safe.” She launched herself into the fray and let out a yip when a claw scored through her jeans. Something –the scent of her blood?—turned her father and brothers’ attention from their victim. She immediately launched into a tirade worthy of her cousin Victoria.

“What are you doing? You never even asked if he was a bad guy!” she yelled. “He didn’t hurt me!”

Parker shoved his snout into her crotch to inhale. She slapped at him, but he leaped back and changed to his human form. “I don’t smell him there, Dad.”

“That’s because he didn’t rape me!”

“I smell you all over him,” Parker retorted hotly. “And him on you. He stole you.”

Kit lay on the ground, the moonlight showing his blood as black blotches over his furred body. Taylor and her father crouched over him, snarling. Kit’s eyes looked at her with mute pain. She turned to her father’s wolf and tried to control her voice. “Dad, don’t kill him. He didn’t hurt me. When some others wanted to, he protected me.”

Her father shifted back to human, his face cold and pale in the moonlight. “Was he the one who took you?”

Olivia swallowed. “Yes.”

“Were you running away from him?”


“But you think we shouldn’t kill him.”

“No.” She tried to sort of her feelings for Kit, but they were too jumbled. “He didn’t hurt me,” she said again.

“Why did he take you?”

Kit answered, and Olivia could tell he was trying hard to speak clearly. “She’s my mate.”

She drew in a shocked breath at the rage that flashed over her father’s face. He never showed much emotion, and this was raw.

“That’s not the way a man treats his mate!”

That was her cousin Colby, harsh and loud, glaring at Kit who still lay at their feet. Taylor, still in wolf form, snarled.

Olivia turned on Colby. “And how did your grandfather claim his mate? Wasn’t he the one that carried her off and held her captive for three years until she accepted him?”

“That was different.” Colby scowled, trying to push her behind him. “He tried to court her first.”

Her father, face once again cool, cut them off with a slashing gesture. He stepped closer to Kit. “My daughter has asked for your life, so I’m gonna let you live.” His voice sunk to a harsh whisper. “But if I ever lay eyes on you again, I’ll kill you.”

“My mate—“ Kit began, but all her men folk growled.

Her father leaned over Kit’s battered, bleeding body. “I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think she is. If I see you sniffing around, you’re dead.”

He turned sharply away, catching Olivia’s arm. “Let’s go.”

As she was marched away, she cast a quick glance over her shoulder. Kit curled in a tight ball on the rocky ground. He lifted his head to watch her leave. She wondered if the gleam on his cheeks were tears on his fur. When her father tapped her chin she faced forward again.

She was rescued. Why didn’t it feel like it?

What’s Coming Next From Maddy?

I’ve had a few people ask me what was next on my plate now that the After the Crash series is wrapping up. I’ve had a few ideas.

For instance, I want to write an inspy contemporary Christmas novella tentatively called Under A Christmas Star. It takes place in northern Minnesota. A woman runs into the man who had a crush on her back in high school and finds he’s improved tremendously. My plan was to write it during June through August, send it to the editor in September, and publish it in October. I have a rough outline, but I can’t seem to concentrate on it when it’s so hot outside, so maybe that will be for next year.


Another idea is to write a story called Dream Lady that takes place in the same world as After the Crash, but 100 years later, in Japan. The people living there are descendants of Japanese Yakuza and American soldiers stationed in the area, and the culture has evolved into a very rigid samurai code. The hero, the lord of one of the largest clans, has been dreaming of a certain woman since he was a teen. He’s always accepted that he has a vivid imagination, but one day he sees her, arranges her kidnapping, and begins his assault on her virtue.


Then there is a fantasy romance series I want to write where women from our world somehow fall through windows to other realms. They are fighters in a medieval historical re-enactment group, so they know how to fight with swords. Each of them lands in a different kingdom. Some of them are able to take jobs as guards or warriors, some are captured and sold as slaves. All of them find love with the perfect man.


And then there is a stand-alone Young Adult novella called The Stinger’s Lady. It takes place in a mythical Empire called Helta. Imagine a blend of Roman Empire and Victorian England. Lisell Schulte is the bored daughter of a nouveau rich Imperial merchant about to be presented to society. Prince Merid is the younger son of barbarian royalty whose kingdom the Empire was never able to conquer. Merid gets into a bit of trouble with the Imperial Honor Guard and is rescued by Lisell. He falls completely in love with her and will do anything to win her for his princess.


I’ve been taking a little break from writing. I know so many authors who work a full time job, wrangle their families, and write three or four books a year. I don’t know how they do it!  I’m exhausted writing only one or two books a year, and I don’t even have children to take care of! Hats off to all those ladies. I think my break from writing needs to come to an end now. 


So what should I write? Which sounds most appealing to you?


Announcing My Wolf’s Princess Giveaway!

Wolf’s Princess is the book I’ve been looking forward to writing since I first introduced Sky as a naked-except-for-an-apron teenager in Sleeping With the Wolf. Well, that’s not quite true. At that point he was a minor character that I didn’t actually expect to see much of. Honestly, I had no idea that Rose Turner was on the plane, much less that Sky’s wolf would claim her in Wolf’s Glory. And it took me a while to find out who he was and why the heck he was still in Omaha. He had to grow up and so did Rose. I have to say, I like who he turned out to be, although at the beginning of Wolf’s Princess he’s a little bit of a jerk. Rose didn’t make it easy for him either. By the end, though, he’s just about perfect. I was careful to write Wolf’s Princess so it could stand alone. So even if you haven’t read the other books in the series I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it. I am looking forward to finding out how you all like this story. It is one of my favorites in the series.


This is the last book in the After the Crash series (ahem, except for Kit and Olivia, and maybe a Christmas short). I’ve lived in this world and with these characters for over five years now. It’s actually hard to leave them. But all good things must end, and I’m finishing this series with a party. You all, the readers, have given me a lot of joy with your reviews, emails and comments. Every writer wants readers to enjoy their books. To thank you, I’m going to be giving away a bunch of prizes like (insert Game Show Host voice)

kindle fireA KINDLE FIRE!!!











You are cordially invited to take part in this Thank-You Giveaway.  Anyone who is signed up for my newsletter will receive an entry for the prizes in the July 17th newsletter. Have you signed up to receive my newsletter? You can enter here.

Tuesday Teaser 7/8/15: Daughter of the Wolf Clan

K2sm K3smHere we are, the next snip in Kit and Olivia’s story, and it’s still Tuesday so it’s not really late, right?

 I had a casual poll on my Facebook Author Page a while back and people seemed to be split pretty evenly about which of these two best represented what Kit looked like in their minds. Which do you think? Light blond hair guy leaning on the tree? Or darker blond hair guy crouching?  Let me know what you think!

And here is the snip:


Slowly, carefully, she moved away from him, easing her leg from between his, and untangling his hair from hers. Her heart thundered while she stepped over him. It jerked into agonized stillness when he caught her hand. He immediately let her fingers go and curled more tightly on his side. Her heart started up again after a long minute of watching him to be sure he slept.

Once out of his cave, she hesitated. Which way was home? She studied the dark landscape, wishing she had her brothers’ wolf-born eyesight. She didn’t know which way Kit had come when he stole her because she had inexplicably fallen asleep while he carried her. Just, she realized with uneasily, as she’d fallen asleep earlier.

No time to think about that now. She had to get moving before he woke and came after her. When he first picked her up and carried her off he had headed north and west. A look at the stars told her it was around midnight, and south and east were that way. Moving carefully to avoid kicking any loose rocks, she started down the steep slope and began her journey for home.

It was too dark to make a fast pace safe over the rocky terrain. Each slow, careful step made Olivia frantic to go faster. Kit could wake up any time, or one of his pride could find her. After what had happened when Kit was born, they must put out perimeter guards. Normally Uncle Taye at the den had men patrolling a mile out. If he had any reason to expect trouble, he had another set of guards two miles out. Olivia looked back to try to estimate how far she had come.  Maybe a half a mile. She had to move faster!

She kept walking, trying to keep to the shadows where she could, flinching at every stumble or clatter of pebbles. Every now and then she glanced up at the sky to be sure she was still heading south and east, and to gauge how long she had been away from Kit. Please, she begged silently, please don’t let him wake up before morning.

As she walked, her mind went over the time they had spent together. When she first woke in his cave she was sure he would rape her. A shadow of the terror and fury she’d felt then moved through her now. If Maria hadn’t come, would he have stopped? Yesterday —er, before she fell asleep, he said he would never hurt her, that he hadn’t understood. For heaven’s sake, how hard was it to understand the word No? Yet, she believed him. She couldn’t say she knew what his life had been after spending only fifteen minutes with his family, but it was plain they were completely crazy. All of them having sex with each other? In plain view of everyone else? A shudder that had nothing to do with the cold night air jerked down her spine. No wonder Kit was messed up. She almost felt sorry for him. Even though he was a feral, uncivilized half-cat, a tiny part of her was drawn to him. He said he loved her. Once he was convinced she didn’t want to have sex, he respected that. Maybe if they’d spent more time together she could have convinced him to let her go. But she couldn’t wait around for him to change his mind. Her dad and brothers were already looking for her. She was pretty sure they’d started after her within hours of her disappearance. How long had it been? Only a day? It felt like weeks.

It was three hours later that she heard a distant rattle of rock behind her. She jerked around, her heart doing its best to block her airway, to search the dark shadows of the craggy landscape she’d passed through. It was just a nocturnal animal moving around. Right? It couldn’t be Kit. No, please, not Kit. She increased her pace until she was almost trotting, looking back every minute or so. She stumbled while she was looking over her shoulder, kicking a small avalanche of debris free. She froze, listening hard. Nothing. Relief made her almost dizzy as she rushed on. No, she told herself firmly, running and not watching where she was going was dangerous. The risk of spraining her ankle here wasn’t worth the increase in speed. She forced herself to keep her eyes on the ground and her feet to a walk. She still heard occasional rocks falling behind her, but each time she strained to hear more there was nothing. She struggled on, hoping she was moving in the right direction.

Hunger and cold made her long for dawn, but dawn was still hours away when a faint roar chilled her heart. Kit! Completely abandoning caution, she ran as fast as she could, sliding and skidding in the gravel as much as running. She chanced a glance back and saw a man-cat shaped shadow outlined against the star lit sky when it leaped from rock to rock.

Oh, God. She couldn’t outrun him. She couldn’t hide. And he was running right toward her.

“Olivia!” he screamed in his distorted cat voice. “Back back, my mate!”

“No,” she sobbed, running even faster.

He was closing on her. Fifty yards. Forty. Thirty. Olivia ran, knowing escape was agonizingly hopeless. Twenty yards separated them when she heard a sound ahead of her. Growling? Her breath rasped in and out of her so loudly she wasn’t sure what she heard.  Kit was only ten yards away when she saw the gleam of canine teeth shining white in the dark fur of a wolf’s face.

Strength gone, Olivia fell, skidding painfully on her elbow and jaw on the rocky ground. She dragged herself up, to stare as two—no, three—wolves launched themselves, snarling viciously, at Kit. They crashed together in the air and went down in a thrashing mass of fur and teeth.

“Dad!” Olivia croaked. “Wait!”

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