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13 Blooms of Spring (and Summer)

I don’t know about anyone else, but I Am Sick of Winter! I want spring! Green grass! Flowers!


I went to the doctor today for my semi annual kenalog shot. The purpose of this shot is to help me breathe. I have nasal polyps, and one of the results of that is that they make my nasal passages swell and block my airway. I also cannot smell anything. Mucus gets traps up there and I get terrible sinus headaches. My asthma reacts too. Luckily, kenalog is like a wonder drug for me. In a few days I’ll be breathing easier and in a few weeks I may be able to smell things too.  So I’m already planning to cook my favorite foods. I can ‘t wait to smell coffee brewing, and cinnamon rolls baking, and homemade spaghetti sauce simmering. And I’m looking forward to the brightness of spring and the scent of spring flowers. Here are some that I will enjoy seeing and smelling:


1. lilacs.  Such wonderful scent gets to be almost too much sometimes. But I’ll suffer through it. :)


2. Tulips.Not much scent, really, but so springy. I love a dozen of them on the table.


3. Daffodils. Again, not much scent,  but so cheerful and bright.


4. Lily of the Valley. Possibly my favorite scented flower. These little bells are so elegant in the greenery, don’t you think?


5. Crocus.   Often the first to poke up through the snow.


6.  Johnny Jump Ups.     Cute!


7. Cherry blossoms. I’ve never gone to the viewing in DC or Japan but I’d like to someday. I wonder how they smell?


8. Queen’s Anne’s Lace.  Grows wild all over the place. *snicker* Poet I am not.


9. Apple Blossom.  I think I remember that these have a light sweet scent


10. Snow drop.  I’ve never actually seen a snow drop as far as I know. But a lot of people thing ‘spring” when they think of snow drops.


11. Cabbage Rose. Hot house roses are beautiful.  But  I really like the look of the old cabbages roses.


12. Peonies. I find their light fragrance delightful; their ants less so. They remind me of the old fashioned roses.


13. Easter Lilies.They have a heavy sweet perfume. Elegant.


What makes you think of spring? What are your favorite flowers?

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