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13 Characters in Wolf Tracker

Here are some of the characters from my upcoming release, Wolf Tracker. Some are major characters, others are very minor secondary characters.

1. Dan Stensrud, known as Tracker. Hero. Son of Emma Two Birds, nephew of Muddy Wolf, a member of the Wolf Clan of the Lakota who prefers solitude. Too restless to ever stay in one place long, he rides over the prairies of Nebraska and the Dakotas. He’d like a wife, but no woman could keep up with him on the trail, and he can’t live in a town.


2. Tami Casper. Heroine. Survivor. Refuses to be a victim and struggles to regain her self confidence after finding safety at Taye’s den.  And after her experiences with the men in Greasy Butte Tami can’t imagine any husband being acceptable no matter how much pressure is put on her to marry.


3. Rose Turner. A teenaged crash survivor who has made a place for herself at Taye’s den and swears she doesn’t want Sky for a mate.


4. Connie Mondale. The only surviving member of the crashed plane’s crew, leader of the Plane Women. She has no intention of allowing a husband to be foisted on her until a certain wolf changes her mind.


5. He Eats Jelly, known as Jelly. Fourteen year old wolf in Taye’s den. As the youngest member of the pack he is saddled with the worst chores.


6. Sherry Rowe. Plane crash survivor who rejects the wolf who has chosen her for his mate.


7. Richard Dickinson. Well to do rancher who visits the Plane Women frequently in hopes of securing a wife.


8. Father John. Priest at Grand Island’s St Mary’s Basilica.


9. Des. Taye’s Beta wolf. He seems sleepy, placid and slow moving until someone annoys the woman his wolf loves.


10. Renee Mathis. A plane crash survivor who was a chef at a posh St Paul restaurant, she takes cooking with primative equipment as a challenge. The wolf who has chosen her as his mate is proud of her culinary skills.


11. Neal Overdahl. A respected young man engaged to be married to Taye’s favorite little cousin.


12. Faron Paulson. One of Kearney’s civic leaders, he has finally found a woman to marry.


13. Kills Bears. Emma Two Bird’s second husband. Tracker respects and loves his stepfather, who gives him some very good advice.


There! A few people you’ll meet in Wolf Tracker.




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