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13 Things I could Nibble on

I am officially dieting. Again. I’m tired of looking like a flabby apple on legs. I decided to diet on Monday,  AFTER I did my grocery shopping on Friday, so not everything in my house is good for a dieting person. And some of these I’ve had for  while but jsut haven’t eaten yet. So far I’ve kept my calories between 1300 and 1700 a day, and I’ve done some excercise. Need to do more excercise.  So here are thirteen things (some better choices for a dieter than others) I have to snack on:


1. Jordan Almonds. I love these candies.  I thought these might be okay, as they take me a while to eat since I suck on them until there’s only a thin candy coating around the almond before crunching them up. However, while it might take me an hour to eat the allotted 13 pieces in a serving, that is 190 calories and a lot of carbs.


2. Sweet Bing cherries. I also love fresh cherries.


3. Gourmet Aussie black Liqorice. Another candy favorite that has way too many calories and carbs.


4. Cucumber sticks. Almost no calories in these and I like them.


5. Carrot coins. You know those crinkle cut carrot slices.


6. Peanut M&Ms.


7. Pretzel sticks. With a little ranch dressing these are nice.


8. Chips & salsa. The chips aren’t probably the best thing for me, but not the worst either.


9. Apples. Some new variety that I don’t remember the name of now.


10. Honey roasted sunflower seeds. Lots of fat, but it’s good fat, right?


11. Cinnamon Raisin bread. Nummy toasted. Lots of carbs.


12. German Chocolate cake. Still in the box, it needs to be made. I have company coming for supper on Friday. Maybe they’ll eat most of it so I don’t have to feel guilty?


13. Green pepper. Not really a snack, I bought these for the salad I’m making on Friday. But if there are left overs, a strip of green pepper is tasty.


What healthy snacks do you enjoy?

10 Responses to 13 Things I could Nibble on

  • No fat is good fat when you already have too much.

    I have a sudden urge to go eat some of the cherries we brought home with us.

  • The only healthy thing to snack on in my apartment is some leftover cut up fruit from the weekend: cantaloup, watermelon, green grapes, strawberries and pineapple. Oh–and a can of tropical fruit (pineapple and guava). I’d really rather have the item featured on MY blog post for the week. *WEG*

  • When I hit diet mode I don’t have snacks at all because I have zero willpower. When I get hungry and desperate I’ll eat fruit and have a couple of glasses of water. Some of your snacks above have made me hungry!

    • I’m actually thinking about going on a diet too. My legs are so flabby!

      I love cucumber sticks. Didn’t know you could snack on M & Ms though. I might try that 🙂

      • I’m not sure the M&Ms are actually “good” for dieters. I bought them a couple weeks ago and just haven’t eaten them all yet.

  • Best wishes! Your post reminds me of the company cookout my employer kindly gave us for lunch yesterday. It was great except for the fact that they had every fatty snack chip under the sun and zero vegetables. I was surprised and disappointed not to have carrots and celery to munch on, but oh well. Happy TT!

  • You’re making me hungry! LOL!


    My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/

  • I’m with Shelley, when I’m cutting the pounds I’m allowed no snacks because I won’t be able to stop! Right now the healthy thing I eat is a home-made parfait of granola, yogurt and fresh fruit. Sweet and mostly healthy!

  • The cherries sound wonderful. I’ll have to get some next time I have a chance!

    Happy T13,

    13 Soundtracks

  • I like nuts and cheese. I also like frozen fruit and non-fat Greek yogurt. Bananas are good too.

    Happy TT, and good luck!

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