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13 things I Love About Fall

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Here is why:

1. Hot tea. I don’t really enjoy drinking tea when it’s hot out, but crisp fall air makes it perfect.

2. Baking. I like to bake. But heating up the apartment by having the stove on sucks, so I don’t do it in the summer.

3. Knitting. It’s so cozy to have a project in progress in your lap when it’s chilly.

4. Apples. They actually aren’t my favorite fruit, but a sweet, juicy apple is nice in the fall. Plus, you can make apple pie, apple spice scones, apple crisp, and drink hot apple cider.

5. The colors. Here in North Dakota we don’t have many trees, but if I drive east for 30 minutes, I can see the trees of Minnesota in vivid color.

6. The first snow fall. We’re expecting at least three inches tomorrow. Sigh. On Monday I had the air conditioning on.

7. Chili. It’s a great dinner for cool fall evenings.

8. The Northern Lights Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show and raffle. I don’t quilt, but I love looking at the hundreds of quilts the guild puts on display.

9. The kids are back in school. My mom used to put the flag out of the first day of school. She said it should be a national holiday.

10. TV watching. I don’t watch much TV in the summer because that darn air conditioner is so loud.

11. Good sleeping weather.

12. Hot bubble baths.

13. Holiday season. Halloween!


Do you like fall?

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