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13 Things To Do on my Birthday

Yes, as of 5:11pm CST  on Thursday, September 22, 2011 I will have lived 50 years on this Planet Earth. I’d like to flatter myself and say I don’t look it. The picture above was taken on Tuesday at my birthday party. This is my niece with me. I don’t especially feel like I’m a half century old, at least not until I see the kids I taught in Sunday School bringing their own kids to Sunday School. That’s just plain weird.  I tided Wednesday night and I’m taking Thursday off from work, so I have the whole day to do whatever I like.

Here are 13 things I’m doing tomorrow:

1. Sleeping late. Hear that, cats? No crying before 7am. No running around or jumping on me or anything else that will make me wake up early.

2. Drinking tea. A friend came down from Winnipeg and she brought me two delicious organic teas from Nepal.

3. Eating maple biscuits. Another friend came down from Winnipeg and brought me some yummy tea biscuits. (cookies we call them here in the States, but biscuits sounds a little more posh)

4. Listening to a CD. A gal in my critique group put together a cd of her reading some of her poetry and playing some of her music and gave it to me. It will be very nice to listen to while I sip my tea and nibble my biscuits and…

5. Casting on a new pair of socks. My friend Jess Pease (who is rabidly allergic to wool) went into a yarn store and bought me a gorgeous sock yarn in varying shades of purple and blue. I am going to make me another pair of warm handknit socks!

6. Have a 90 minute full body massage. I made an appointment with Knead a Break massage therapy. I’m pretty sure it is going to be sheer heaven.

7. Have lunch with a friend. I don’t know where we’re going. She says she’s going to surprise me. Should be fun!

8. Go to Barnes & Noble. I may not buy any thing, but I will peruse the romance, sci-fi, fantasy and craft stacks with leisurely diligence.

9. Drink coffee.  This is part of the whole B&N experience. I take a few books and magazines to the cafe to browse through them to help me decide which I should buy.

10. Go to mom’s house. My sister and two of my brothers will be there for supper. My 8-year-old niece has already told me that SHE is making the cake. 🙂

11. Open the ginger-lemon mead brewed by Nick LePage of Liverpool. He generously gifted me with a bottle of it when we met at Gimli Manitoba.

12. Take a bath. A nice relaxing bath, with bubbles, candles, a book and a glass of mead.

13. Go to bed. Early. Sleep like a baby. No, not like a baby. They wake up and cry too much. Like a log. Yeah, like a log.

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