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Tuesday Teaser 5/21/13

Here is a snip from Wolf’s Prize, featuring some secondary characters who will be featured in a collection of short stories. Ellie and her friends Sara and Melissa are watching some of the men of the Clan just after they’ve changed from wolf to man and haven’t put their clothes on yet. Just a hint: Stone Wolf is Jelly’s adult name.


Sara nudged her horse to join them. She took one foot out of a stirrup and hooked her leg over the saddle horn with an ease that Ellie envied. Sara’s cheeks were flushed and a smile played with her lips. “I wish all men looked that good naked,” she said with loud enthusiasm.

Ellie winced. Several of the men looked at her, and one wolf, who must be Stone, raised his hackles and growled.

“Oh, please.” Sara rolled her eyes. “Like you don’t know you’re just as gorgeous as the rest of them.”

The wolf’s face wrinkled in an almost human frown, before his tail went tick-tock once. Then he turned and trotted away.

Mel took off her cowboy hat and waved it in front of her face. “That is just plain weird.”

Stone, human now and dressed in only jeans, walked back to them. His face still held a frown as he stared up at Sara. “You think I’m handsome?” he demanded of her.

“Are you kidding?”

Stone blinked at the wealth of sarcasm drenching Sara’s voice. “Is that a “Yes, I “think you’re handsome” or a “No, I don’t think you’re handsome” sort of are-you-kidding?”

Sara rolled her eyes again. “You are so male.”

After a moment of consideration, Stone puffed out his chest. “You think I’m handsome,” he announced and strutted away.



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