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A Tidbit from Rose & Sky’s Story

I’m working hard on Quill and Ellie, and plan to have the rough draft done by April 20. But while I was washing dishes, a scene and a bit of dialogue between Rose and Sky came to me so I snuck an hour in on Wolf’s Princess. Here is a snip. Rose and Sky are at his place in Omaha.

Rose stamped her way up the stairs and into their room, wheeling on Sky when he slammed the door closed behind them. “Why did you do that?” she seethed.
His voice was almost frighteningly gentle. “Because he hurt you.”
“Barely. And so what?” She forced her fists onto her hips to better resist the urge to punch him. “I can take care of myself.”
His voice lost a fraction of the gentleness. “That’s my job. You belong to me.”
“Since when?” Kicking him was too tempting, so she flung herself to the other side of the room and spoke between clenched teeth. “I’m here for two months so you can court me. I don’t recall Taye giving you a bill of sale for me!”

2 Responses to A Tidbit from Rose & Sky’s Story

  • Oh man, that is just a tease! I can hardly wait for the rest of the story. Sky and Rose’s story needs to become the Tuesday teaser soon.

  • Wolf’s Princess is the one i’m waiting for! i just love these 2 characters and the way they spar with one another. i know this is going to be my favourite book.

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