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Brave Hearts Cover Reveal!

The day has come at last when I can show you the cover of Brave Hearts, my newest book. This releases on January 19. It is a stand alone in Paige Tyler’s Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World. The hero is the great uncle to Shadow, Taye, and Tracker from the After the Crash series.


Brave Hearts

Isabel Ybarra. A soldier who lost her leg in Iraq.

Dusty Wolfe. The medic who saved her life.

When they meet again in Dallas twelve years later, they’re not who they were. Dusty is an EMS with Dallas Fire & Rescue, with dreams of someday having a wife and family. He just needs to find the right woman. Isabel, now the owner of a yarn store, has left her dreams of love and a family firmly in the past. She’s happy with the peaceful life she’s built. She doesn’t want any reminders of what she left behind.
Dusty has finally found the right woman, and he refuses to be ignored. Her quiet courage and brave heart are irresistible to him. He will do whatever it takes to win her love. If that means signing up for her knitting class to get her attention, he will. Can he figure out the difference between knitting and purling? More importantly, can he convince her that he is her future?

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