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Good News on the Writing Front

This morning I signed the contract with Liquid Silver Books for Wolf’s Glory, and I just sent in the Cover Art Request form now. I’m not sure exactly, but I’m guessing the book will be available the end of June or the beginning of July.

To celebrate, here is a short unedited excerpt of Glory and Shadow meeting for the first time.  After their plane crashed Glory and Jane were paired up to walk to find help for the injured. After a day of walking over empty prairie they find a group of men on horseback with a pack of dogs and flag them down for help.

Glory turned her attention back to the Indians, searching them for phones. She didn’t see any and none of them wore enough clothing to hide a cell phone in, so she supposed they didn’t have any with them.

“Um.” Glory had to clear her throat to cut through the dust coating her throat. “Hi. Sorry to interrupt your … whatever you’re doing. But can you help us? Our airplane went down back that ways and – and … Wow.”

Another Indian walked through the horses, tightening the string around his waist that held his breechcloth up, and Glory completely forgot what she’d been saying. It was a movie set! Who else would dress like this except actors making a Dances With Wolves movie? That was her favorite wrestling star in makeup and a really long black wig. And very little clothing. Yowza. He was living proof that guys like the ones on romance covers really did exist. Damn, he was hot. She swallowed, wiping a hand over her chin in case she was drooling, and started over.

“Hi. Look, sorry to bother you, but our plane crashed and we need help. Like an ambulance. And …” her voice trailed off again because all these men were looking at her very strangely and sniffing the air. The extra-gorgeous one leaned down to sniff at her neck. She and Jane weren’t freshly bathed, but talk about rude.  “Hey!” She snapped her fingers. “Listen up! This is important.”

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