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Happy New Year!

First, let me start off by saying the winner of the $10.00 Amazon gift card for the Naughty New Year bog hop was Jackie from TN. Jackie has received her gift card and is hopefully finding some good reading material. 🙂

2012 wasn’t too kind to me in some ways. I started the year at a job I really hated, and then in July was able to return to a team I knew and enjoyed, although at a major pay cut, like a 32% pay cut. I was sick a lot (pneumonia in May, strep throat in December and assorted other colds and flu and asthma troubles the rest of the year), and it affected my writing. Eddie’s Prize is quite a long book, and it took me literally more than a year to write.

However, 2013 is a completely different animal. I started writing Wolf’s Prize in October, and although I’m still not a terribly speeding writer, I feel good about the story. I’m at 20,900 words of a guesstimated 50,000. I really hope I can finish it by Feb 20, get it sent off to the beta readers by March 1, and have it submitted to the publisher by March 20. Then, at last, I get to dive into Sky and Rose’s story. Whoo-hoo!From this

I also plan to be more active in the SCA (my medieval history group). This weekend I’m going to 12th Night and even made a new
New Byz garb 006 (600x800) outfit to wear. This is a very generic version of what might have been worn in the eastern Roman Empire around 900 AD. It’s pretty barebones now, but later I can pretty it up with pearls and gems and some embroidery. The colors of the pic (the before pic) on the left are accurate.



I wish you all a wonderful, productive and joyful 2013.


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  • Thank You Maddie !! I cannot wait to read your next book…I’m thinking of calling in sick the day it releases so I can start on it LOL I hope 2013 is a better year for you, 2012 sounded rough.

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