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Historical Costume, SCA Garb …

Before I started my second careeer as a writer, I sewed quite a lot of garb for myself and friends. I went to be part of a panel about the SCA at the sci-fy convention Core Con today, and had to wear something bling-y. That is, something eye-catching that showed off what we do in the SCA. I had a terrible time finding something to wear!

I couldn’t wear this red dress from 1550 Florence because it doesn’t fit any
more. I sewed all three layers by hand for an A&S competition years ago.


I couldn’t wear this blue/pink shot silk dress from 1530 Florence this because I gave it away.


I couldn’t wear this Indian dress because it isn’t really historically accurate. It’s the only one I didn’t sew myself.


This Viking Apron dress was out because the last time I wore it it got badly stained. Fine for camping, but not for a show-off opportunity.

I decided against this velvet dress from 1535 Florence Italy because it takes 2 people to get me into it, it’s an extremely tight fit and it’s hot to wear.

And this one was impossible because it isn’t finished yet. I’m stumped by it. I can’t fit the bodice no matter what and I’m too lazy to actually try to rip it out and start over.




I couldn’t wear this one because it’s Victorian/Steampunk, not medieval or renaissance.



So I wore this one. Purple and silver Byzantine silk/blend brocade.

You know what this means? I need to sew some more garb. Something that will wow the audience but is comfortable to wear, easy to put on and doesn’t weigh a ton.


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