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New Cover For Sherry’s Wolf!

Have I mentioned how I HATE trying to do cover art? Well, I hate it. I did Sherry’s Wolf myself, but it pretty much sucked. I try, but I just don’t have the skill necessary to cut out the images I like and put them together. So when  a reader who is going to school for video design asked if she could do a cover for me just for practice, I said YES!!! I figured she couldn’t do any worse than I had, right?  LOL Now I want to show it off to you.

Here is what she did for Sherry’s Wolf.

Sherry’s Wolf

Cover design by Caryn Ertel


2 Responses to New Cover For Sherry’s Wolf!

  • Is there a way to download the individual parts of Wolf’s Lady to an Ereader?

    • Not at the moment, but I’ll be putting it into one document in a few months, with option of downloading it as ePub, .pdf or mobi. I thought I’d do that as a early Christmas present for my readers. Otherwise you could open a word doc, and copy and paste all the posts into it, then save it as a pdf. But I’ve made changes as I’ve gone along that I will correct in the final document as well as having some beta readers go through it for spelling, inconsistencies, etc. But if you can hang on for 3 months, it will be available for you on my website.

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