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T13 / 13 Facts About the After the Crash World

My attention has been pretty well fixed on the world I’ve created for my After the Crash series for about 2 years now.I told myself that after I submitted Book 3, Tracking Tami, that I would take a two week break from writing. I submitted the manuscript on Saturday, August 13, and I haven’t actually written anything since then. But I can’t seem to let go entirely. I’ve been thinking about the man that Sky has become since he left the Pack to go work in Omaha. I’ve been considering Sherry’s fear of Stag, the wolf who has claimed her as his mate. I’ve wondered how Quill has coped with knowing that his mate is married to another man. Here are some facts about the world I’ve created.


1. The Clan is made up of descendants of Native Americans who left the reservation in South Dakota to live as their ancestors did before the reservation days. They left to isolate and protect themselves from the plagues decimating the population.


2. The Woman Killer Plague flares up again in the late spring of 2065.


3. Jelly’s full name is He Eats Jelly.


4. By the time Quill returns to the Pack after working in Omaha for a few years, Taye and Carla are the parents of two sons.


5. Glory gives birth to the Clan’s first girl baby in 30 years in January, 2066.


6. Shadow is delighted and terrified to be the father of a daughter. He wishes they would have had a few sons first so he’d have some help protecting the precious girl. But she’ll have plenty of male cousins to watch out for her.


7. Sherry Rowe is the illegitimate daughter of an African American soldier who was stationed Korea, and a Korean woman. Sherry lived with her mother in Korea until her mother died when Sherry was six. She was sent to live with her father in America, with the children he’d had by his legal American wife. Sherry never fit in with either family.


8. Unlike most of the unmarried or mated men in the Clan and Pack, Tracker is not a virgin.


9. Glory’s high school enemy Heather has become the high priestess of a cult that worships sex. I wonder if she regrets it?


10. Sky has been a naughty boy while living in Omaha, the new Sin City.  It all started out innocently enough, but if Taye knew what his cousin has been up to he might not let Sky claim Rose as his mate.


11. By 2073, Omaha has some electricity as well as a municipal waterworks.


12. Shadow’s brother Jimmy White Elk dies in a bar room brawl and his widow leaves her three teenaged sons with the Clan when she remarries. She is much happier with her townie husband, but visits her sons several times a year, and they often stay for months in the winter.


13. Co-pilot Connie Mondale breaks her vow to never marry.

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