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Teaser Tuesday 11/21/17: Strong Hearts

Happy Tuesday!


I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I decided you deserved a little snip from my current work in progress. It is entitled Strong Hearts and comes out in January. Here is a little conversation between the hero and heroine the morning after their first night together. The heroine is not a morning person.  🙂

“Mornin’, Dee,” Brutus said.

Denise’s eyes shot open. The curtains blocked most of the light, but enough came through for her to recognize Brutus’ bedroom. He stood beisde the bed, bending down to kiss her. He tasted minty fresh. She didn’t.

“Ugh.” She pushed up on one elbow, shoving her hair away from her face. “You brushed your teeth already.”

“Yeah, I got up a while ago.” He ran a finger over her cheek in a caress so gentle she almost didn’t feel it. “A man could sure get used to waking up next to you.”

What few brain cells were awake in her head were mush. She made a valiant effort to focus on him.“Uh,” she grunted. “Thanks.”

He directed a beaming smile at her and she concluded he was suicidally chipper in the morning. Since the next thing he did was hand her a cup of coffee, she decided he could live. Besides, he looked darned good in a towel barely hanging onto his hips and little beads of water glistening on his pecs. As memories of last night bombarded her, she decided he looked even better without the towel.

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