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Teaser Tuesday, Feb 12

Eddie’s Prize comes out in a little over a month. At last! I am hoping to be able to show off the cover art soon. I saw the first draft of it and I think it is beautiful.

Here is a snip from Eddie’s Prize. Christmas Eve 2064:

Eddie washed dishes as she tidied up the kitchen. Through the kitchen window Lisa could see snow falling through the dark night. It was a scene out of an old fashioned Christmas card.

“It’s pretty,” she said. At Eddie’s raised brow she elaborated. “The snow. We didn’t get snow in California. It makes it seem a little more like Christmas.”

He hung up the dish towel to dry. “It’s Christmas Eve. Our first Christmas together.” His kiss was gentle. “I know you were a little disappointed to not be able to go see your friend, but I wanted you to myself this time.”

Lisa’s hands framed his face. “Carla is a good friend, but Christmas is for families. You’re my family.”

“Come to bed,” he breathed.

She giggled when he swept her up and carried her to their bed. “I should brush my teeth before bed,” she mock protested.

“Tomorrow.” He peeled her clothes off her with careful haste.

She kicked her feet to rid her legs of the jeans still clinging. “I should wash my face,” she teased.

He made short work of his own clothing. “Tomorrow,” he repeated.

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