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Thursday 13- Things that Compete with my Writing Time

What would it be like to be able write whenever I wanted to? A friend of mine seemed surprised that I couldn’t write whenever I wanted to. After all, I’m single and I don’t have children.  But there are things that keep me away from my Work in Progress, some that I could avoid with a little more self-discipline, and some that I cannot avoid. Do you have any of these issues?

1. The Day Job. I love to write, but I have a Monday to Friday job that pays the bills and rent and buys the groceries. And we’ve been on overtime since November, so I spend about 50 hours a week (including lunch times) at my desk at work. Not avoidable.

2.  Cleaning and Laundry. I really ought to put more of my time into this, but i don’t. Sue me.

3. Knitting and attending knitting/spinning functions. This is something I love, so I don’t try to avoid it. Besides, it is my sanity savior, so I don’t want to cut it out.

4. Sewing. I actually don’t enjoy this, but I need to do it for my SCA stuff. Again, sanity saving.

5. SCA functions. Meetings, fight practices, events where I get to hang with friends. Again, the sanity thing.

6. Reading. I haven’t done this very much lately. Pity. I want to.

7. Zuma Blitz. One of those addictive games on Facebook. I probably should try to cut back on this. It is neither productive nor sanity saving.

8. Facebook in general. It’s good to keep in touch with friends, but a limit must be imposed. 

9. Romance Divas. I LOVE this site, where other writers support each other and share. But I need to use my time wisely.

10. Twitter. I’m doing pretty well at managing my time there.

11. Church. I’m certainly not saying I need to cut back. Just mentioning that Sunday mornings are not a time for me to write.

12. Baseball. Watching, not playing. I’m a huge Minnesota Twins fan, and April is just around the corner. I can knit while watching the game, but not write.

13. The cats. I love them, but if Merry Miaow isn’t in my lap, Little Bit is. They seem direly offended that I have something in my lap other than one or both of them. I’ve tried to explain that the black thing accross my legs isn’t a special bed for them to sleep in. I don’t think they get it.

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