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Tuesday Teaser 10714: Stone and Sara


In the time since Ellie’s Wolf and Wolf’s Vengeance came out, I’ve had several emails asking me about Stone and Sara. Jelly (as Stone was called before he was given an adult name) was always a favorite of mine, and I think a lot of readers appreciated him too. Sara and Stone’s story was left hanging after Mel and Snake found their Happily Ever After, but that will be resolved in Wolf’s Princess.  Many readers thought Sara wasn’t good enough for Stone and I can understand that. It’s my job to make you all believe that they can be happy together. By the way, have you ever wondered what I think Stone looks like? Here you go.

Today’s teaser is the scene when Stone finally goes to Sara’s house to meet her for the first time in two years. I hope you enjoy it!


As Stone stepped over the threshold the fugitive scent of his mate strengthened. In haling it was like breathing in electricity. His wolf lunged frantically inside him, needing to see his mate. It took more of an effort to force him down than Stone had ever exerted in his life.

He realized the struggle with the wolf had taken a minute or so because Mr. Nelson’s brows were raised. “Sorry,” he said, and obeyed the man’s gesture to walk through the small entry way to the living room. The tiny sound of a footstep jerked his gaze to the opposite door. There, framed within the door like a piece of art, stood the mate he hadn’t seen in two years.

Stone’s breath stopped. She was beautiful. Her hair had darkened from honey blonde to honey brown and her face had lost most of its tan. His heart seized at the blaze of happiness that lit his mate’s face. An answering blaze of joy welled up inside him, utterly out of his control. It might have been from the wolf, but he didn’t think so. It felt too visceral for it to be from any heart but his own.

“Sara.” It came out hoarse because his breathing hadn’t started up yet. “Sara,” he said again.

She was visibly trembling. “Stone! Oh God, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so sorry I missed you yesterday. Can I… Would you… Please, I want to hug you.”

He finally dragged air into his lungs and crossed the room in three steps. He opened his arms and she stepped into them. He held her so tightly against him he doubted she could breathe. The weight of her head against his chest was indescribably precious. The warmth of her breath whispering over the base of his throat made him want to cry. She was his. His mate, and his wife by the laws of the Methodist Church and the state of Kansas. He had never smelled anything as entrancing as his mate. The salt of her tears wetting his shirt only added to her scent.

The salty scent reminded him of the tears he had shed after her betrayal. He stiffened and pushed away. He was gentle when he pulled her arms away, but he knew his face was grim. “Sara. We need to talk.”

What do you think?

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