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Tuesday Teaser 11/12/13-Sky vs Mr. Magic

About a year before Wolf’s Princess starts, Rose rescued a battered tomcat from a bunch of boys who were torturing him.  She named him Mr. Magic 8 Ball. The name was shortened to Mr. Magic, or just Magic. The cat is now overweight, scarred, missing most of one ear, and his tail has been broken more than once. He hates every living thing except Rose. He purrs for her. Taye would dearly love to chuck the cat out, but the creature won’t go. Rose loves that cat, and insisted on bringing him to Omaha with her. You can imagine how Sky feels about him, especially since Mr Magic believes Sky is an interloper and won’t let him near Rose’s bed.

Sky glanced around the hallway to be sure no one was watching, then lowered himself  into a crouch so he could stare the nasty feline right in his baleful gold eyes. “Look, cat, this is my house. Rose is my mate. You behave yourself, or you’ll be out in the street, waddling after mice for your dinner.”

The cat yawned insultingly, the scent of fish rank on his breath. Realization ground Sky’s teeth together.

“You thieving feline,” he said with disbelief. “You ate my lunch! I’m going to– Dammit!”

He jerked back the hand he’d reached for the cat with.

Light footsteps sounded behind him. He rose swiftly to meet his mate’s angry glare. “Don’t you dare lay a hand on Mr. Magic!” she hissed.

He shoved his bleeding hand toward her. “Me? He’s the one who attacked me!”

“That’s because you scared him.” She bent to scoop the black butterball up and held him to her face, making kissing noises at him. “Poor Mr. Magic. I won’t let the nasty man hurt you. Poor little sweetie. I’m here now. You’re safe.”

Sky could swear the little beast smirked at him.

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