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Tuesday Teaser 11/17/15

We’ll be getting  back to Kit and Olivia soon, but I’m still working on revisions for Sleeping With the Wolf. I’ve found two places to add small scenes, and I’ve added little bits here and there along the way. For instance, Jelly is never named in the first book. So I’ve added this little bit. What do you think?


      Taye’s smile was wicked. “You can thank me tonight. After supper. When we’ve retired to our room.”

      Carla’s blush was hot. “O-o-okay,” she stuttered, remembering the way his fingers worked her last night.

      After he stripped off his pants and handed them to her to put away, she took one long, deliberate look at him. And she liked what she saw. He didn’t seem to notice, only smiling at her and leaving the dining room. Carla fanned her face for a minute, then gathered their dishes to take into the kitchen.

      The kitchen was in the process of lunch clean up. Two teenagers were there washing dishes, cleaning the grill, and wiping the counters. Sky was one. The other teenager was only thirteen or fourteen. His hair was as long as Sky’s, but instead of blue eyes, his were the golden brown of caramel. He nodded to her with a smile and took her tray. “Hi, I’m Jelly.”

      He was adorable in an all arms and legs sort of way. “I’m Carla.”

      “I know.” His tone was bright and sunny, like the goofy grin he shot at her. “Everybody knows who you are. You’re the Lupa. The Chief found his mate. He’s so lucky! He loves you a whole lot.”

      “He does?” Carla mentally kicked herself for asking and shifted her weight in preparation to leave.

      “Oh, yeah. I have the best nose in my generation.” Pride lifted his chin. “Even Tracker says so.”

      Sky rubbed a washrag over the counter, but he was watching her. He nodded in support of Jelly’s statement. “Tracker says Jelly is better than he is in some things.”

      Carla turned to Sky. “Who is Tracker? What does Jelly’s nose have to do with it?”

      “Our cousin.” Sky lifted a shoulder. “We don’t see him much.”

      “But Tracker has the best nose ever.” Jelly was clearly impressed by his cousin. “My nose is good too. I know when someone is lying. I can tell what they feel by their smell.”

      “Seriously?” Doubt kept into her tone in spite of her efforts to keep it even. “And Taye smells like he loves me?”

      “Uh-huh,” said the kid. “Last night— Ow!” He glared at Sky. “Why did you… Oh.” He turned back to her with innocence all but glowing on his face. “Not just like he wants sex. He loves you because you’re his mate. He loves us because we’re Pack. It’s different with you. He loves you in a special way. And he wants sex too.”

      Her mind went back last night, to Taye’s clever fingers and hot mouth. The kitchen was warm with the heat of the stove. That’s why she needed to fan herself. Jelly’s mouth spread in an artless, sweet smile. She was not discussing this with a fourteen-year-old boy. “Okay. Thanks.”

      He sniffed delicately at her. “So, you and the Chief finally gonna do it tonight?”

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