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Tuesday Teaser 1/6/15 Daughter of the Wolf Clan

Here we are: our first Tuesday Teaser of 2015! I am making good progress on Wolf’s Princess. I am really liking Sky now that he’s stopped being an idiot.  I might interrupt Kit and Olivia’s story to throw in a couple Rose & Sky teasers in the next month or so.


As you read this snip, please remember that Kit has never lived among humans.  Enjoy!


Kit searched out dry wood and hurried back to his lair to build a fire to keep his human mate warm. After building the fire to a nice glow, he curled around Olivia, reveling in the bare skin of her back touching his chest. Cuddling soothed something wild inside him. She smelled right. She smelled like him. He lay on his side almost on top of her and put his chin on her shoulder to watch her sleep. At last he felt calm enough to go back to his human form. The pain of the change was brief as he went from his half-form to human. He couldn’t smell her as well in his man form, but he could still feel her stomach where his arm lay over it, and her breath warm on the fingertips he caressed her lips with. Her hair was almost as pale as her belly. It was shorter than his, soft and straight. He used his fingers to comb the tangles out of it.

Safe in his lair with his mate beside him, he was able to think more clearly. What if Olivia wouldn’t be happy to be his mate? She had seemed to resist at first. He hoped he was wrong and she would be glad he had taken her. He hadn’t had a choice either. All he knew was she was his. Whether she was happy or angry didn’t change that fact.

“Olivia,” he breathed. Her name was strange, but easy to say when he was in man form. He still wasn’t sure if she was pretty as the humans viewed prettiness. She was beautiful to him. Her white skin almost glowed in the dim light. Her belly was firm, the teats beneath their wrappings seemed firm also. Perhaps she hadn’t yet given birth to kits. That pleased him, although it seemed strange. She was fully mature, past the age where she would have dropped her first litter.

Maybe it was a human thing. Kit had watched them sometimes from a distance, but he didn’t understand their ways. Justin and Devlin had told him that some human females accepted only one male. Not just one male at a time, but only one male for their entire lives. But that was ridiculous. There were few females but many males among the humans he’d watched. The males must fight each other for the right to claim a female, just as his pride did sometimes when Maria or the others were in heat. Then the pride queens demanded sex from several of the males at a time.

But maybe the human males felt about their mates the way he felt about Olivia. They prevented any other males from servicing their mates and would kill any male who approached. Kit would kill any male who came near Olivia. He was the only one who would give her sex. Kit bent to inhale at her female spot. To have such an alluring scent she must be in heat. He felt fierce and wild from it, just as he and the other males did when one of their females went into heat. She would wake up demanding he give sex. He relaxed into her body, falling into a light catnap while he waited to please her so thoroughly she wouldn’t ask for another male.

“Wake up, Olivia,” he whispered into her throat. “Wake up so I can give you pleasure.”


Chapter Three


When she woke, Olivia’s back was warm but her feet were freezing. She wondered sleepily if she had kicked the blankets free during the night. A slow languorous stretch made her aware of an ache in her back and … something warm and firm pressed against her? A glance over her shoulder shocked her. A man with a bare chest leaned over her, his wild tangle of hair brushing her shoulder and chest. Confusion was partially banished by memory, but nothing reduced the terror that leapt into her throat. She was naked except for her underwear, and he –she darted a quick glance down his body– was completely naked.

They weren’t lying on a bed, only a couple folded blankets on a dirt floor in irregularly shaped rock room. A cave? Light was coming in from the narrow opening at one end, about six or seven yards away.

“You’re awake at last,” the man said, wrapping his arm more tightly around her middle. “I was worried.”

She forced herself to not claw at his arm, but she couldn’t control her galloping heart or her wild breathing. “Who are you?”

“Don’t be afraid. I’m Kit. Your mate.”



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