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Tuesday Teaser 2/10/15 Wolf’s Princess

Here it is, Tuesday again, and I have nothing new from Daughter of the Wolf Clan. I guess you’re stuck with another snip from Sky and Rose’s story. 😉

First let me say that my search for a new apartment is over! Now I’ll hopefully be able to devote more time to writing! Well, at least until it is time to start packing (groan). I will be moving at the end of March, so  here’s to a lot of writing for the next five or six weeks!

And now, a little snip from Wolf’s Princess:


Rose went back to the guestroom and was reaching for one of her suitcases when Sky stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

“Rose, wait.”

She stood up to face him. “Yeah?”

He swallowed, loosening his tie with sharp jerks. “I’ve imagined this so many times,” he whispered. “Having you here with me. I never thought it would come true.” He fell silent for a minute, his blue eyes looking dark in the low light. He brought his hand up to touch her face. She shivered under the brush of his fingers over her cheek. He trailed them to the corner of her lips, over her jaw, to her throat. “So beautiful. Rose, I want to kiss you.”

The expression on his face made her heart thunder. No one had ever looked at her with that kind of raw longing. Who would have dared with half the Pack guarding her at all times? There were times in the past eight years when she would have welcomed a kiss from anyone. At twenty-four, she was the oldest virgin she knew of, and she wanted to experience a man’s lips caressing hers. She tilted her face up. “Then kiss me.”

She felt the shudder that went through him. The hand he stroked her throat with lifted to cradle her cheek. She closed her eyes and held her breath, agonizingly eager, and almost more nervous, to feel his kiss. It was a long time in coming. She was about ready to open her eyes when his lips brushed lightly over hers. He did it again, and this time his lips stayed on hers. He licked the seam of her lips and when she gasped, he invaded. That was all it took. Like a bundle of dry twigs struck by a spark, her whole body flashed into flame.


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