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Tuesday Teaser 2/11/14: Wolf’s Lady Part 6


It’s time for the weekly tidbit about Sand and Miss Amanda! If you’re joining for the first time and want to catch up, do a search for “Wolf’s Lady”. As always, this is unedited. It hasn’t even been proof-read, so please excuse the raw condition of this tidbit. Enjoy!


     Amanda glanced at the clock and stretched out on her side on the bed, allowing her robe to show a hint of her filmy nightdress in a demure but subtly sensual pose she knew Terry would like. It was her job to know what her appointments would like and provide it to them. Terry preferred his women to be submissive and present a façade of innocence even while they drove him wild in bed. Submissive and innocent wasn’t Amanda’s thing, but she took pride in her reputation as a woman worth every penny of her fee, so for Terry she’d be submissive and innocent.


     How much longer should she continue in this life? She didn’t mind the sex; she liked sex. But it was getting old. What would sex be like with someone she card for? Really cared for? The money was good. She had plenty put aside, far more than enough to pay the marriage fee if she found someone she wanted to marry. There had been men over the years who had asked her to be their wife, many men. None had tempted her to say yes. They had been successful businessmen who would have treated her well. She would have had a fine house to live in, fine clothes to wear, and fine food to eat. But she knew that to them she would be only a trophy. She didn’t want to be a trophy to be shown off to her husband’s friends, she wanted to be the woman her husband couldn’t live without. If she could find a man like that she’d leave this house and go live in a shed with him. Finding such a man was the problem.


     Footsteps paused outside her door. She adjusted the neck of her nightdress to show a hint of cleavage and looked at the door with wide eyes, trying for a surprised expression, as innocent as a schoolgirl and as provocative as Eve. It was exactly the expression that would get Terry turned on.

     Surprise became real when Sand stepped in and slammed the door behind him. She jerked into a sitting position on the bed, thinking he was gorgeous. Out in the hall he had been cute, with that one imperfect tooth and tongue-tied stammer, but now, with his hip length black hair gleaming in the lamp light and black eyes fixed fiercely on her, he was a beautiful, deadly animal.


     “Sand! What’s wrong?”


     He was silent, staring at her like a wild animal who had cornered its prey. What a ridiculous thought! “Sand? Where’s Terry?”


     “Terry,” he snarled, his upper lip lifting. “He won’t be visiting you tonight. Or ever again.”


     “What?” she began. “Why?”


     Sand dragged her up off the bed and held her while he looked her over thoroughly. His gaze was hot enough to brand her. She couldn’t miss the bulge straining the front of his jeans, and an answering heat lit in her. That was strange. She didn’t usually become aroused so easily. But Sand was amazingly compelling.


     “What happened to Terry? Did you hurt him?”


     “He’s alive.” His voice sounded more like a snarl than polite conversation. “He’s lucky to be alive.”


     His hands weren’t hurting her, not quite, but they were tight around her arms. “Let me go, please.”


     He shook his head slowly, sending all that long shiny hair gliding over his shoulders. “No. I want to kiss you.”


     This she knew how to deal with. She feathered her fingers down his cheeks, stroked the black hair over his shoulders. It was like the most expensive raw silk, textured but sleek under her fingers. “Not tonight, but Saturday is all yours, handsome,” she promised in a whisper.


     “Saturday is too far away. Tonight,” he corrected her hoarsely. “I’ve cancelled all your appointments for tonight.”


     He pushed her against the wall and leaned his weight into her. His body pressed deliciously against the place that burned for him. “Sand,” she gasped, sounding ridiculously like a virgin. “I don’t think—”


     Then his lips smothered her words, turning her voice to a moan, and for a moment she forgot what she didn’t think.

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