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Tuesday Teaser 2/3/15: Wolf’s Princess

I’m moving! That is, I put my notice in at the rental office on Friday and today I made about a half dozen calls to other rental offices in search of a new apartment, preferably one with a balcony. I had to leave messages at some, but I have appointments to view three apartments on Tuesday and Wednesday.


I’m kind of freaking out about it, because moving is a LOT of work! I have lots and lots of stuff. Fabric, yarn, more fabric, books (ye gads, the books!!!) and tons of other craft supplies. And I’ve been spending the past three days cleaning because they’ll be bringing people through to view my current apartment. Yikes! The front hall closet is stuffed to the gills with all kinds of stuff, about half of which I can probably throw away or donate. And the bedroom? Holy moly. That will take me an entire day to clean. (did I mention the books?)

What does that mean? It means I haven’t spent much time writing, and I won’t be spending very much time writing this week. So… no new snip from Kit and Olivia. I hope you’ll be satisfied with a snip from Rose and Sky. This scene takes place after they’ve been in Omaha for a few days. I hope you enjoy it! Now I’m going to sit in my newly cleaned living room with a heating pad on my aching back (cleaning is hard work!) and read the new Jeaniene Frost book.


It was nearly four hours later that Sky went upstairs to join his mate. Instead of the usual weary frustration dragging at his feet when he climbed the stairs, tonight he bounced up the steps, eager to see his mate in his bed. Her scent would be on his sheets and pillows. She would be there to welcome him. He would inhale the scent of her hair and savor the warmth of her body beside his while they talked. Yes, he reminded his libido firmly, just talk.

A thin line of light showed under the closed door. He took a deep breath and turned the knob. When he stepped inside his bedroom he looked immediately at the bed. The glow of the lamp made Rose’s blonde hair look more yellow. She was curled on her side, propped up by pillows in pink cases which she must have brought from the other room. He liked the pink mixed in with his gray sheets. They were pretty and feminine just like his mate.  Her head was bent over an open book and it took Sky a moment to realize she had fallen asleep while reading.

“Rose,” he whispered.

She didn’t stir. He approached the bed and put light fingers on her hair. The book slid out of her limp grasp and fluttered shut on the bed beside her, but she didn’t waken. Some of his excitement ebbed away, but seeing her sleeping so soundly in his bed gave him a sense of satisfaction. He could shake her awake, but he didn’t want to. She was so beautiful, so infinitely precious, that the heat of tears stung his eyes. He blinked it back, drinking in the lovely sight of her in his bed. He wished he could make her understand how much he wanted her. Not just sexually, although the sight of her in his bed was doing interesting things to his body. No, Just having her close made his wolf happy. And it made him happy, too.

He picked up the book and put it on the bedside table. With careful hands he removed some of her pillows and tossed them on the floor before arranging her on one side of the bed. He waited for her to wake up, but aside from humming a little and opening and closing her mouth like a fish a few times, she slumbered peacefully on. He cursed himself when he caught sight of her long pale legs under the hem of her night shirt. The fit of his pants was already uncomfortable; looking at his mate seemed to make them shrink. He pulled the blanket up to her chin out of self preservation.

He turned off the light before getting undressed. She didn’t want him to kiss her without her invitation, so he doubted she would appreciate the sight of his arousal. He even considered wearing something to bed, but he had nothing that would work as pajamas. So he went commando as usual when he lifted the blankets and slid in beside her.

A quiet joy filled him when he breathed in her scent and felt the warmth of her breath on his shoulder. Eight years of dreaming and longing were forgotten in a moment.

She shifted an inch closer to him and gave a low, lady-like grunt.


“Thank you for the lamp,” she mumbled.

At least, he thought that was what she said. He leaned up on one elbow to look at her. She appeared to be still sleeping. “You’re welcome.”

“The mayor doesn’t like you. Said he shoulda gotten rid of you a long time ago.”

“I know,” he responded, staring down at her closed eyes and relaxed face. “Rose? Are you awake?”

“Mmm,” she said, flopping a heavy hand onto his breast.

He froze. His erection, which had begun to subside, roared back to life. She was soundly asleep, but even asleep her touch affected him. For a second, he regretted insisting she share his bed. No, he didn’t regret it. It might drive him half crazy, but sleeping beside her was worth it. He would tempt her and tease her and show her how much he valued her, until she accepted his mate claim. Then they would do more than just slee—

A tiny sound jerked his head toward the door, his body tensing for an attack.

Low to the floor, two green orbs glimmered. A sniff confirmed what Sky suspected. That damn cat jumped up to the bed, glared at him for a long challenging minute, then sauntered over to Rose’s ankles before turning in a circle three times. Mitzi plopped her overfed self down, shot one leg up in the air and began to thoroughly wash her lady parts. She paused to sneer at Sky, and then, supremely blasé, went back to her bath.

Sky laid his head back on the pillow, swearing to firmly shut the door tomorrow night. Then, to calm himself, he took in a deep breath tinged with his mate’s scent, and fell asleep.

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