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Tuesday Teaser 3/4/14 Wolf’s Lady Part 9

Happy Tuesday! Today is going to be a bad trying day for me. My car is going to be towed to the repair shop and I’m terrified to find out what that will cost. The engine is probably ruined because there is some sort of grit in the oil. It could cost $5000. (sob) On a brighter not, Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop is out today and I’m going to sit down and read.

Here is the next little tidbit in Amanda and Sky’s story. For those who receive my newsletter, you will have already read this. Enjoy!


She tapped a glossy red nail against her chin. “You know, that could work. Every dominatrix needs a sub. Wait here a minute while I get a collar to put on you.”


“Collar?” he said, but she was already turning away and didn’t see the outrage on his face or the eerie shimmer of gold that filmed his eyes. He roared after her, “Do you think I’m a lap dog?”

He jerked his head around at the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. Sky appeared. Sand inwardly shook his head at the slick city suit and short hair. Well, the short hair wasn’t so weird. The Chief wore his hair short in memory of his white mother’s preferences. But that suit, so perfectly fitted and precisely pressed, was nothing any of the Clan or Pack would have worn. It was too many layers to shed to let their wolves out.

“Hey,” said Sky. He unbuttoned his suit coat to tuck his hands in his pants pockets and leaned a shoulder against the wall. “How’s your first monitor shift going?”

Sand was half distracted by listening to his mate move around in her room. A terrible thought struck him. “You knew!” Suppressing the quick rage was hard. “You knew Amanda was my mate.”

Sky lifted his free shoulder in a light shrug. “She was one of the possibilities.” Now Sky stood straight, the aggression of an Alpha showing in his face. “I’m told you decided to cancel Amanda’s appointments for tonight. Given who she is to you, I can understand that. But you need to understand that Amanda is one of my pack. You don’t give orders about her without consulting me.”

Neither Sand nor his wolf were Alpha, but he immediately bristled. “She’s my mate!” he growled.

“Has she accepted you?” At Sand’s frown, Sky laughed softly. “Of course not. It’s too early for that. Until she does, Amanda is mine. My sister, moron,” Sky added with a snort, sounding suddenly much more like the young wolf Sand remembered. “I have a mate.”

“Has she accepted you?”

Sand regretted his taunt even before he saw the black rage burst in Sky’s blue eyes. Amanda’s door opened and she came out carrying a wide leather collar studded with silver spikes. “I think this one might … Oh, hi, Sky.”

Sand forgot Sky, forgot their argument, forgot everything except how much he wanted his mate. The strip of skin between the tops of her outrageous boots and the hems of her too tight black shorts looked pale and soft. He had to clench his fists to keep from stroking her thighs. He wanted to feel those thighs clamping his hips when he drove inside her. Her lips, painted a false dark red, smiled at Sky, but the smile died. “Are you okay, Sky?”

“Fine.” Sky smiled at her and bent down to give her a hug. It was an appropriate hug for a brother to give a sister, but Sand had to swallow a growl. “Mandy, we need to talk. Do you remember what I showed you about myself two summers ago?”

Sand didn’t think Amanda’s uncertain expression matched her gaudy facial enhancements. “You mean when you turned int… That is, the …” her voice dropped low. “That wolf thing?”

“Yes, that. Let’s step into your room. This is a private conversation.”

Amanda opened the door and led the way into her room. She sat on the bed while Sky pulled out the chair at the vanity and Sand leaned against the wall near the headboard. He inhaled the precious scent of his mate in the room, but there were other scents in the room. Scents of other men that made him half crazy.

Sky crossed one leg clad in silvery blue over the other. “What I’m going to tell you is private. You won’t talk about it to anyone.”

Amanda darted one glance at Sand before nodding at Sky. “Okay.”

“Those of us with wolves can’t be with just any woman. That is, we can, until our wolves choose a mate for us. Yes, the wolf chooses. Once a mate has been found, we can never be with another woman.”

“Yeah,” Amanda said slowly, testing the sharpness of a silver spike on the collar with a fingertip. “I remember you telling me that before. That’s why you never accepted any of our invitations for sex.”

“No man would ever hurt the mate his wolf chose for him,” Sky went on.

“And?” Amanda shot another quick glance at Sand. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because Sand’s wolf has chosen you for his mate.”

Sand was afraid his mate had forgotten how to breathe. She went white, then red. It looked odd with the rouge on her cheeks. He straightened from his lean against the wall, but her head whipped around to stare at him and finally she gulped in air. “Are you shitting me?”

Sand stared, confused by her words. Sky shook his head. “No.”

“He’s a —“ She looked at Sky, then turned to stare at Sand. A trickle of fear soured her scent. “You’re a werewolf?”

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