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Tuesday Teaser 3/8/16: Olivia’s Mate–For Adults Only

I have completed the formatting of the next three books in the series for paperback. Ellie’s Wolf, Wolf’s Vengeance, and Wolf’s Lady will be coming out in print format in approximately four weeks. Now that I have that out of the way, I can go back and begin revisions of Olivia’s Mate!


This week’s Tuesday Teaser is intended for mature readers. This wedding night scene isn’t exactly at the burning heat level, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for young readers either.  It is completely unedited. I haven’t reviewed it at all, so I don’t know what typos and flubs it might have. Be kind. 🙂  Enjoy!


He moved close to her, his legs crowding the skirt of her dress into a distorted oval. His mouth was light and tender against hers. “Are you relaxed yet?” he whispered against her lips.

“No. You might want to kiss me harder.”

He did. She found it very satisfying. What wasn’t satisfying were the layers of clothing he wore. She wanted to feel his warm firm flesh against her hands. Without breaking the kiss, she tried to shove his coat down his arms.

He lifted his head to groan. “Too many clothes,” he said in agreement.

His coat hit the floor a second later, followed rapidly by his shirt and pants. His shoes and socks ended up on opposite sides of the room. Olivia looked at his bare, lithe body with pleasure. Even back in his cave, when she’d been angry and frightened, she had thought him beautiful. Naked male bodies weren’t unknown to her. Her brothers and cousins didn’t hide to strip to let out their wolves. Colby had a fine looking physique, but Olivia had never ogled him. She could look at Kit for hours.

Well, she could if he’d stand still for hours. He came toward her with that same feline grace undisguised now by garments. “You are the one wearing too many clothes now,” he murmured, smoothing his hands down her bare shoulders and into the neckline of the dress. He tried to slide the dress down.

“It’s too tight,” she told him. “You have to unlace it.”

He grunted. “This dress is like a fence, keeping me away from you. I bet that was your dad’s idea.”

“No.” She laughed, turning around and grabbing the edge of the dresser. The cards Parker had left made her roll her eyes. “The dress was Aunt Marissa’s idea.” She could feel him fumbling with the laces. A sharp jerk lifted her to her toes. “Be careful with it. Don’t rip it, okay?”

“Okay.” He worked in silence behind her for several minutes. “Kit? How’s it going?”

He bent and kissed the bare slope of her shoulder. “It’s a trick. I thought your brothers were being too nice. Now I know why. They knew I wouldn’t be able to get you naked.”

She gasped when she felt his tongue run hot and wet over the sliver of flesh left bare in the gap between the laces. “Oh, Kit,” she breathed, gripping the dresser more tightly to keep from falling. “Oh, Kit. Hurry.”

He snarled something behind her, and all at once the laces parted. Without thinking, she caught the dress and pressed it to her breasts to keep it from dropping. He tried to shove the dress down, but her grip was too strong.

“Move back, Kit,” she told him. “I’ll do it.”

After a moment when she could almost feel his reluctance to separate from her, he took a step back, and she turned to face him. His gaze was fixed on her hands pressing the bodice of the dress to her breasts. Watching him, she lifted her hands away and let the dress fall. It caught on the hooped petticoat beneath it, but her breasts were bared to his gaze. His eyes shimmered green gold. Maybe it was that shimmering that made her melt inside. Or maybe it was the almost feral expression on his face that woke a river of fire in her body. He reached out and touched his forefinger to her nipple.

“Mine,” he said in a low rasp. “Mine.”

Pleasure juddered through her when he pinched her nipple, playing with her breast before bending to suck it into his mouth. She clutched at his shoulders to keep her balance. Vaguely she remembered her mother’s advice. “Kit, that feels wonderful!”

With a final light nip of his teeth he raised his head to smile at her. “It feels good to me too.”

She looked at him, all sleek muscle under warm skin and touched her finger to his nipple. “Mine,” she said.

“Yeah,” he growled, taking her hand and drawing down his body to his penis. “And so is this.”

She had never seen an erect penis, much less touched one. She took her time learning the feel of him, noting which touches made him quiver. He stood with his hands rubbing circles over her shoulders, eyes closed and teeth clenched.

“Does it hurt when I squeeze you like this?” she asked.

He opened his eyes. “No. It feels good. I want to touch more of you.”

Obligingly, she reached for the knot in the drawstring of the hooped petticoat and shimmied to let it loose. It fell in perfect concentric circles around her feet, leaving her in only her panties and shoes. The thick noise that Kit made was appreciative. Any embarrassment she might have felt evaporated. She kicked her shoes off and stepped over the petticoat to press herself against him.

“Touch me,” she said.

It might have been an invitation, but it sounded like an order. Kit didn’t seem to mind. He stroked his thumbs over her eyebrows, skimmed his fingertips along the curves behind her ears, to her neck, and down along the outsides of her breasts. He stopped there to kiss her with long, hot, drugging kisses that made her pant, while his fingers teased her breasts. After a very pleasurable pause he sent his hands smoothing down her sides, following the indent of her waist to the slight flare of her hips. His hands spread over her butt to pull her hard against him. The feel of his penis pressed into her belly did interesting things to her breathing. Her breathing literally stopped for a moment when he tugged her panties down and smoothed through the hair between her legs.

She kicked and wiggled to get rid of the panties. “Touch me,” she demanded.

“So soft,” he muttered, petting the hair between her legs before one of his fingers slipped up and inside her. “And this, so warm, so tight.”

Olivia found herself lost in sensations she had never felt before. Such wonderful sensations weakened her knees and made her almost dizzy. “Oh, Kit,” she moaned. “I can’t keep standing. I think I need to lie down.”

“Yes,” he hissed in a guttural tone. “Bed.”

His finger slid out of her in a rush of liquid heat. She missed it immediately. “Hurry.”

She took his hand and pulled him to the bed. She reached to throw the covers back and stopped, confused. She tried again. They were stuck? They were…

“Those idiots!” she raged. “They sewed the sheets together.”

Some of the passion glazing Kit’s eyes cleared. He bent to peer at sheets. “I think they’re sewed to the mattress,” he clarified. “Big stitches spaced about two inches apart.”

“I’m going to kill Parker and Taylor.” It wasn’t a threat. It was a promise. “I don’t have my knife.”

“It’s okay.”

He raised his forefinger and a claw, sharp and curving, sprang out. With a deft flicks, he sliced through each stitch and then carefully folded the bedding open. He turned back to her and kissed her with tender promise.

“Your uncle said I must go slowly with you. Virgins need a lot of foreplay to be ready to make love. Are you ready?”

She wound her arms around his neck. “Oh, yes.”

His smile was devilish. “Good. So am I.”

Holding her close, he toppled them onto the bed.

It collapsed in a crash of splinters to the floor.

“Taylor! Parker!” she roared. “I’m going to kill you!




Kit laughed. He knew his mate’s brothers and cousins had been too nice to him. “Are you hurt?”

“No, just angry. Are you okay?”

“Yes.” He cradled his mate’s naked body close for a minute, just savoring her warmth and the rich, heady scent of her arousal. He stood up with her in his arms and carried her a few feet away, where her bare feet would be safe from splinters. “Wait here.”

He pulled the mattress free of the wreckage and dragged it to a clear spot by Olivia. He retrieved the pillows and sheets and blankets and spread them over the mattress. Rising to his feet, he turned to look at her. How beautiful she was! Her skin was pale and soft, exquisitely punctuated by pink nipples and blond hair between her legs. Her face was flushed was pink too, but he could tell her passion was waning under the outrage at her brothers.

“Come here,” he invited, kneeling down to lift the bedding. “You can kill your brothers later. We’re busy right now.”

Her gaze settled on him, and slowly the outrage was replaced by passion. She knelt beside him and took his face in her hands. “We’re not done yet,” she agreed, and kissed him.

He loved the taste of her tongue in his mouth, and rejoiced in the heat of her hand circling his cock. He remembered what her uncle had told him: a mate’s pleasure always came first. That was so obvious that Kit couldn’t imagine why Taye had said it. In the pride, the queens’ pleasure was the most important thing. A male who couldn’t make the queen come wouldn’t be allowed to service her again. But the other thing that Taye had said was new to him. A woman could climax just from the touch of his hands and mouth. He was anxious to experiment with that.

“Lie down,” he urged Olivia, pushing at her shoulders gently.

She was a feast laid out for him, her legs slightly parted and the uncertain expression not quite hidden by anticipation. “Should I turn off the lamp?” he asked.

“No,” she said instantly. “I want to see you when we make love.”

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