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Tuesday Teaser 8/13/13: Wolf’s Oath

Here is a snip from Wolf’s Oath. Connie told Des that she finds him attractive, but she doesn’t know him well enough to sleep with him. They’ve spent the evening talking and she’s wavering in that decision. They are in his room at the den. It’s night, and without a wood burning stove in the room, it’s cold.

“Des, I’m cold.”

His brows puckered. “I’ve kept you up too late talking in this cold room. Scoot under the covers. I’ll tuck you in.”

She ran her gaze over his wide shoulders to his burnished brown skin stretching smoothly over taut pectoral muscles. His nipples were the color of dark rosewood. She wanted to lick them. “I’d be warmer if you were under the covers with me.”

He froze. “I don’t think I can. Not without touching you, and if I touch you I’ll want more.”

“That’s good. I want more too.”

Somehow he went even more still and spoke in a hushed voice. “If we start, I won’t be able to stop at a kiss.”

Now she knew another thing about him: he was principled. He’d promised to not take anything from her she did willingly give. “I don’t want you to stop. I want everything. You, kissing me. You, touching me everywhere. You, moving inside me.”

His nostrils flared when he inhaled deeply. “Don’t tease.”

“I’m not teasing.” She braced herself against the cold air in the room and ripped the T-shirt over her head. “Des, I’m cold,” she said again.

Her nipples furled into tight points, partly because of the cold air, but mostly because Des was  staring at them. He murmured something she didn’t catch, maybe in Lakota, but she understood awe and greed well enough. Then she was flat on her back and he was under the covers lying over her.

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