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Tuesday Teaser 8/6/13 Ellie’s Wolf

Ellie’s Wolf will be released in three weeks! Here is a snip to whet your appetite. Ellie and her friends Sara and Mel are in their tent getting ready for bed. Ellie has just returned from a long romantic walk with Quill.

Sara couldn’t seem to keep her curiosity in check. “How far did you go? Did you like it?”

“Sara!” Ellie couldn’t believe the teenager would ask something so personal. Yes, she could. “Nothing happened. We’re waiting until we can be married by a minister or priest.”

“Oh, that’s right.” Mel blew out the lamp. “My uncle is an ordained Methodist minister. He could marry you tomorrow if you like.”

A whisper of desire flared back to life between Ellie’s thighs. Under the blanket she pressed them together.

A voice just outside their tent said, “Did you say your uncle can marry people?”

Ellie identified the voice as Stone’s. Sara growled. “Can’t you let me get even fifty feet away from you?”

“No. And answer the question.”

“Yes,” Mel said. “My uncle can marry people.”

There was silence for a few moments. Then a dozen wolves lifted their voices in a joyful chorus of howls that sent a shiver down Ellie’s spine. Tomorrow she would marry Quill Wolfe, and tomorrow night she wouldn’t be sharing a tent with Sara and Mel.

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