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Tuesday Teaser, 9/3/13: Wolf’s Princess

I’ve finished the rough draft of Wolf’s Oath and it’s with the beta readers right now. I will be working on Wolf’s Vengeance next, but of course Sky and Rose are demanding my attention. Here is a little snip of one of the turning points in the story. Sky has brought Rose to Omaha, but they’ve seen very little of each other.

Rose stared at Sky, not recognizing the impetuous boy whose wolf had claimed her in this slick, handsome stranger dressed in a city business suit.  “I don’t know you,” she whispered. Loss and bewilderment  made her eyes smart. “You dragged me away from home and brought me here so we could get to know each other, but it’s been a week and I’ve barely seen you, much less talked to you. I want to go home.”

He smoothed the lapel of his silk suit with that condescending expression she loathed. “The world doesn’t revolve around you, princess. I’m in the middle of some very delicate negotiations right now, and having to go and fetch you has put me seriously behind schedule. By next weekend I should have some time free for you.”

“Really.” Her lips felt stiff. “Next weekend? So generous of you to squeeze me into your schedule. You know what? Don’t bother. I’m going home. I repudiate your claim.”

Finally  those cool, cobalt eyes sparked with honest emotion. “You want to see more of me? Fine. The only free time I have is at night. I’ll have Katelyn move your things to my room.”

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