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Tuesday Teaser 9/4/14: Wolf’s Lady Part 33

Oh my gosh! I was going to post this as soon as I got home from work but I starting reading and forgot. I’m so sorry.  This snip from Sand and Amanda’s story is a bit steamy, so I’m posting a link to the scene. You know the routine. If you’re under 18 years old, or whatever the age of adulthood is in your country, please do not click the link. This is intended for adults only!  As always, this is completely unedited. I haven’t even read through it for basic typos, but I hope you’ll enjoy it.  🙂


On the third morning after he came home from the hospital, Sand woke feeling utterly content with his mate lying warm and soft by his side. He turned his head on the pillow until his nose was buried in her hair. As always, her scent soothed the wolf even while it aroused the man. It was four days since he’d made love with her. For a newly mated wolf, that was an eternity. Amanda refused to believe he was nearly healed. After the stitches came out yesterday he’d kissed her but she’d scolded him and pushed him away.


He wouldn’t let her push him away this morning. Her forehead was smooth and warm under his lips. He brushed light kisses over her eyelids, her cheek, her lips, her throat, until she sighed and arched in her sleep, presenting him with a perfect breast primly hidden under white cotton. How could he resist that?


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