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Tuesday Teaser Feb 19: Wolf’s Prize

Late as usual, but better late than never, right? Here is a snip from Ellie and Quill’s story.


After they ate, Quill spoke to the men in a low voice. A few glances were directed her way, accompanied by nods and smiles. In only a few minutes most of the men melted into the darkness, taking Tommy and Connor with them. Only Snake and Stone stayed to watch over Sara and Mel while they cleaned the dishes. Ellie moved to join them, but Quill stepped in front of her.

“Let’s walk for a few minutes before bed.”

Ellie swallowed and nodded. They were alone. It didn’t frighten her, exactly. She draped the blanket over her shoulders like a wrap against the chilly air of the evening and walked beside him out of their small camp. “Where did everyone go?”

He put an arm around her waist. “They’re not far. I asked them to give us a little time alone.”

Alone. In the dark. With Quill. Ellie tried to slow her breathing. “Why?”

He pulled her to a stop and lifted her hands to his mouth to kiss each palm.”You know why. You brought a blanket.”

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