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Tuesday Teaser, January 15, 2013

I’ve been hard at work on edits for Eddie’s Prize. I’ve turned in the first round, but they aren’t done yet. Here is a little snip of the first time Lisa and Eddie go to visit Carla and Taye at the den.


Those guards sauntered over to meet them at the gate. One had short dark brown hair and a thick muscular wrestler’s build. The other was young, with a slight limp.

Eddie looked at the men behind the gate. “I’m Eddie Madison.”

“We know who you are.”

The younger guard sounded almost insolent. Lisa could feel Eddie’s annoyance in the way his hand tightened on her arm. “Taye Wolfe told me I could bring my wife to visit Mrs. Wolfe.”

“The Chief ain’t here.”

The burlier of the two guards elbowed the younger one. “Pipe down, Chad. Taye told us Mrs. Madison was welcome anytime.” He raised his voice to say, “Hey, Snake! Come here. Walk Mrs. Madison into the den. She’s here to visit the Lupa.”

One of the dogs loped over. Lisa blinked, realizing that it wasn’t a dog when a weird shimmer went over its fur and the fur … disappeared. A man stood in the dog’s place, a handsome man with long, dark curly hair whose muscular physique was completely bare. Lisa jolted in shock, but couldn’t help but run her gaze approvingly over his naked body.


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