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Tuesday Teaser May 20, 2014: Wolf’s Vengeance

I’m so sorry, everyone, that the next bit in Sand and Amanda’s story isn’t ready. On Thursday I was struck down by the norovirus.  Usually I write Sand and Amanda over the weekend, but this past weekend I spent almost all my time in the bathroom or in bed. In other words, I haven’t written anything new. However, it is only a week until Wolf’s Vengeance comes out, so I thought maybe you’d like a a little snip from that book.


Mel woke, feeling cool morning air on her back and warmth on her front. It was solid yet soft against her cheek as she yawned. It felt like—

Her eyes shot open, and she stared into Snake’s smile, only inches from her nose.

“Good morning,” he said.

She was proud of the smooth, unhurried way she climbed out of bed. “Looks like I overslept,” she said, trying for a casual tone. “Breakfast is going to be late if I don’t hurry.”

He moved even more smoothly than she did and twice as fast. He rolled out of bed and caught her by the arm. His kiss was a light brush of lips over hers.

“I’ll run downstairs and get some water pumped for you,” he offered and left the bedroom, closing the door behind him before she fully registered his kiss.

“Good grief, Mel, get a grip,” she muttered to herself and jerked her fingers from her lips. “It wasn’t much of a kiss.”

She gave a quick, disgusted shake of her head and pulled open a dresser drawer to grab clothes for the day. She dressed, buckled her gun belt around her waist, and hurried downstairs to the kitchen where Sara and Stone were facing off.

Sara flicked at glance at her as she came in. “See?” she said to Stone. “Mel’s here now, so you can go do whatever you need to do.”

Stone backed a few steps away, and Mel saw his face set into stoic lines. “I’m going to run a wide perimeter patrol. Be back for lunch.”

Mel frowned. “What about breakfast?”

He shrugged, heading for the back door. “I’ll catch something on the run.”

Sara made a horrible face. “And tear it open and crunch its bones, I suppose?”

He turned with a glare. “Depends on how big my catch is. Rabbit bones are hardly worth the trouble.”

The door closed behind him with a controlled slam. Sara scowled. “I think that’s disgusting. You want me to go out to the hen house and collect eggs?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

As Mel went about cutting bacon and slicing potatoes, she felt energized. Sleeping next to her husband had been very restful. She felt more relaxed and awake than she had in a long time. If he caught bunnies and ate them raw, well, that was normal for a wolf, right? Nothing for her to worry about. She wondered how much of Snake was present when he was a wolf. She would have to ask him sometime. Maybe later, when she knew him better.

Breakfast was a half hour late, and Mord and Mike clearly wanted to complain, but Snake came in from chopping wood and stopped them with a cold glare whenever they opened their mouths.

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