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Tuesday Teaser: Wolf’s Prize, Part 2

Here is the next part of the scene from Chapter 1 of Wolf’s Prize. Enjoy!


“Shee-it,” muttered Tim. “We’re in trouble, boss.”

Rye grunted inquiringly. “You know him?”

Tim rubbed his hand over the bristles on his chin. “I know of him. Had a couple dealings with some of his kin.” He swallowed loud enough for Ellie to hear it. It was hard to tell in the dark, but she thought he looked pale. “She’s right, Rye. Nobody wants to mess with those wolves. Last time someone fooled with one of their women, there was hell to pay. Twenty-five men went against Taye Wolfe and his kin. and twenty-five men died.”

“Damn.” Rye ran a hand over his wavy hair. The waves ended in neat half curls. Ellie remembered one of Taye’s men had wavy hair. It was golden brown, rather than Rye’s mahogany, and several inches longer, but the memory of the man popped into her mind now for no reason. She didn’t remember his name, and they had never spoken, but he had stared at her every time they’d seen each other. The curly hair was the only connection between Rye and Taye’s friend. Rye was a hard man. Taye’s friend had been shy.

“This Taye Wolfe cares about you?”

“My cousin loves me,” Ellie replied simply. “I am his only blood female cousin.  His entire Clan will come for me, dozens of men.”

“Hm. The Wolfes must be a big family. That doesn’t sound good for us. But like I said, we have a contract with Ellsworth.” Rye slapped his hand on his knee. “Tell you what. I’ll send one of the boys up to Kearney to let your cousin know where you are. He can meet you in Ellsworth and speak to the men there himself. Tim, you know the guy. In the morning, ride north to Kearney as fast as you can. We’ll take our time travelling to give Wolfe a chance to get to Ellsworth before the Bride Fight.”

“Better send someone else, Rye,” Tim said. “I don’t think any of the wolves like me.”

Rye’s brow arched again. “Fine. Jer? Want to take a ride to Kearney?”

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