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Tuesday Truth: 11/20/12

Is it possible to have strep throat without a fever or even feeling really lousy?

On Friday around lunch time at work I felt like I had swallowed a peanut and it had gotten stuck halfway down my throat. I hurt a bit when I swallowed. By the time I left for home the side of my neck, right up under my jaw, was feeling a bit tender. By saturday, when I called my mom, the peanut had swollen into a sharp edged marble and my throat really hurt to swallow. But no fever, and other than the sore throat I felt fine. My mom, the retired nurse, told me to get my butt to the doctor right away. I was reluctant to spend more money at the doctor, but she was really insistent, so I went to the walk in clinic.

The doctor took one look at my throat and said it was strep. He took a culture, just to be sure, and it came back positive in a few minutes.

So, there you go: it is possible to have strep throat with no fever or even feel really lousy. I’m on the road to recovery. My throat is still a bit ouchy, but other than feeling really tired, I’m doing okay. I plan to get lots written this weekend on Ellie and Quill’s story.

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