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Tuesday Truth: I love Baen Books!

Do you ever feel like the big publishing houses care a lot more about dollars than their customers? It’s sort of frustrating when an ebook costs more than the paper copy! That is NOT to say that I think all ebooks should be $0.99. Publishers (even self-publishing authors) still have to pay the art department, the editors and, of course, the author. Publishers deserve to make a profit. If they don’t, they’ll close shop and then where will we get our books?

One publisher that I think does it right is Baen books. If you enjoy fantasy and science fiction but don’t know about Baen’s ebooks, you’re missing out. What does Baen offer? Here are three reasons I love Baen:

  1. They have a FREE library. Yep, hundreds of their bestselling authors are absolutely free in the format of your choice. I’m not talking about duds that no one has ever heard of. They have Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton, Lois Bujold McMasters, Jacqueline Carey, David Weber, etc. etc.  I give them huge kudos for offering great books for free. 
  2. They offer eARC (advanced readers copies) months before the book is actually out. You pay for it. ARCs run about $15.00. But sometimes, when you’re jonesing for the next book in a series, $15 is a cheap price to pay.
  3. They sell ebooks that are in hardcover in books stores for $6.00. That’s right, that great new book that costs $24.99 in hardcover in the store (and $12.99-$14.99 in e-format at digital sellers) cost only $6.00 when you buy it from Baen.

How can you go wrong? Head over to Baen. Whenever possible I give them my business as a way to say “Thank You” for remembering that their customers are readers who love stories, not just wallets to squeeze.

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