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Tuesday Truth: I’m Not Cleaning For a Month!

Both at the day job and with my writing, I am on overtime. I am bound and determined to finish the rough draft of Eddie’s Prize by September 4. I’m not a fast writer. I can’t tell you how much I envy those authors who can write an excellent book in 10 weeks. I can point at all kinds of things in my life that steal my writing time (*cough* Facebook. *cough* knitting) but we all need our hobbies to keep us sane, right? And of course, I work a full-time job for Medicare where we’re all on overtime from today through October 5.

I can do it. I can gt this book written. I just need to watch my time, not volunteer for other things, and concentrate on writing when I get home from work. It also gives me an excuse to not clean for a month. 😀

One Response to Tuesday Truth: I’m Not Cleaning For a Month!

  • 😈 I think its a great excuse! 😀 I used to work for the IRS and when we would go on overtime I didn’t get much of anything else done so if you can finish your book too you are one amazing woman! :mrgreen:

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