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What’s Sky Been Up To?

Do you remember Sky, the seventeen year old whose wolf chose Rose to be his mate? Remember how he grabbed her, held her against the wall and kissed her against her will? After Taye tore him away from Rose and threw him into a wall, Sky decided to leave Karney and find work in Omaha until Rose was old enough for him to court properly. Do you wonder how things are going for him in Omaha? Me, too. He’s been pestering me to write a scene for him, but I’m still working on Eddie’s Prize, and then there’s Wolf’s Prize. I have the opening scene for Quill and Ellie’s story  circling my brain and I want to write it. But back to the scene Sky is pushing at me.

Sky and Quill arrived in Omaha in November and it is now early December. The big city is a shock to them. For one thing, many of the more affluent homes have running water and electricity. For another, the women of Omaha walk all over town by themselves. The men in Omaha hardly seem to notice the women. Sky thinks it might be because of the dozens of peacekeepers who patrol the town. Work on the railroad won’t begin until the snow is gone in spring, and no one wants to hire a pair of half-feral teenagers for the winter. With no money to buy food or housing, the boys have to rely on their wolves to hunt their own food.  They can’t stay in wolf form in Omaha because the one time they nosed their way into a stable for shelter, they were shot at by the peacekeepers. Hungry and homesick, Quill argues that they should return to the Clan until spring. As proud and stubborn as any other Alpha, Sky refuses.

Their luck changes one morning as they are going door to door in the business section of Omaha. They see a well dressed middle-aged woman being followed and harrassed by a group of rude men. Naturally, Sky and Quill are furious at this disrepect to a woman, and appalled that she is out alone unprotected. No Peacekeeper is in sight and they don’t bother to go find one. Instead, they beat the snot out of the men and offer to escort the woman to safety.  The woman is Miss Lucille, an aging star of one of Omaha’s leading whorehouses. She’s surprised that two such young men are so strong and able to fight so well. As a thank you, she offeres them a freebie. Quill is horrified, but Sky remembers how his kiss didn’t please Rose. He asks Lucille to teach him how to kiss properly.  She teaches him taht and a whole lot more. Sky and Quill go to live at the whorehouse, earning their way as bouncers. Who better to keep the working girls safe than a pair of wolves who idolize women?


I don’t want to give too much away. I can’t write this scene right now, but I suspect I will write it soon. Sky won’t shut up.


5 Responses to What’s Sky Been Up To?

  • Oh it sounds like a lot is going on..This really sounds good…

  • I am very intrigued by this teaser and a little concerned as well. I really hope that Sky did not go around sleeping with other women after already meeting his mate. That would kind of ruin it for me, since he already knows who she is and expects her to end up with him for life. It would be a betrayal and hypocritical. I am not doubting Maddy’s ability to make the story work. But, personally I really hope that is not what happens with Sky. Kissing is one thing, more than that….I’m not so sure I could forgive that if I were Rose. She wasn’t ready for him, and she did treat him poorly, but she had a huge excuse (being too young for that kind of commitment and having just crash landed in a future she was not prepared for). If he didn’t know she was out there and had sex with other women it would be forgivable, but knowing who she is…. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see what happens.

    I really like Quinn and I am glad he remained faithful, even when there was little chance for him to get his girl who married someone else before knowing anything about him. I can’t wait for his story. Thanks for the update!

  • I’m with you Denise. i sincerely hope we don’t find Sky letting his “Mr Happy” get lucky with someone other than his mate. Wanting to have sex with someone else just seems like a betrayal of the whole mating thing. It would be just too much like cheating since he knows Rose is his mate, and is so adamant about it. I also hope and expect his wolf will act as his conscience and guilt him big time if he contemplates cheating on his mate.

    • Looks like I better clear things up. 🙂

      Sky does NOT have sex with anyone. How could he? Even if he were tempted (and he is, a teeny bit) his wolf would never allow it. Lucille does give him some hands-on kissing lessons, but that’s as far as the hands-on goes. Lucille and the other girls in the brothel think Sky is cute for wanting to learn how to please his girl back home and give him all kinds of advice about where and how to touch. Also, Lucille, who owns the brothel, later makes him a partner and teaches him how to run a business. That’s the “whole lot more” I was referring to. In this world prostitutes are generally respected, well off, and in control of their lives. Sky is an Alpha and the working girls become like his Pack. He protects them and loves them, and if any man causes trouble for the girls Sky takes care of it in a very final sort of way. His wolf is actually angry with Sky. He doesn’t like living in the city and he doesn’t like being so far rom their mate for so long.

      I’d like to say that whether in real life or romance novels, a partner who cheats is not hero material.

  • Very cool, thanks for info. Shame there aren’t really wolfy boys out there, I absolutely hate cheaters so the idea of it being practically genetically impossible to cheat is a huge plus!

    I have to say. I can’t wait for more of this series. i’m addicted. Before I was even halfway through the first one, I was thinking holy-snapping-duckspit this is gonna be a brilliant series!! So naturally i couldn’t leave them alone and read them all back to back today (actually I practically inhaled them). Then of course I had to book=pimp to my sister who’s itching to buy copies as well.

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