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Why Romance?

Last Monday a gal at work who had just learned that I write asked me why I write romance. She didn’t sound uppity or holier-than-thou, but was genuinely curious. Usually when someone says “Why do you read romance?” they obviously think their choice of reading material is infinitely more classy than your trashy romance. I didn’t get that vibe from her.  She said didn’t care for the romance genre. She found it a bit shallow and predictable, but she knew a lot of people who loved reading romance and wondered why. I stammered and said I liked it.

Brilliant answer, right?

Well, I think I know why now. Last Thursday and Friday I listened on CD to Jaycee Lee Dugard’s memoir, A Stolen Life.  Miss Dugard was 11 years old when she was kidnapped and held captive for 18 years. It was painful to listen to her horrible experiences at the hands of her mentally disturbed captors. Today I watched a special about Jonestown, where over 900 people commited suicide and were murdered because of a mentally disturbed eogmaniac.  After three days in a row of hearing and seeing such painful things I was feeling depressed. And then it came to me why I love romance.

Because there are happily ever afters. Because love heals all wounds. Because a romance story ends on a high note. Hope is realized in a romance story.

How about you? Why do you read romance?

2 Responses to Why Romance?

  • I feel the same way because life can really suck sometimes and it is nice to be able to kick back and read something with a lovely ending….although for all those snotty non-romance readers I understand you because I was once one of you in my belief that they are all the same, however there is more to romance novels than the bodice ripper/damsel in distress type storylines. There are plenty of books with well written complex plots that just happen to include romance.

  • I read them for exactly all the reasons you posted. I need to get away from real life for awhile…and watching tv is more depressing then listening to 24 / 7 news. So yes I read romance and I have wonderfully happy dreams because of it. Thank You for my mini vacations.

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