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Wolf’s Oath Excerpt

I’m almost ready to send Wolf’s Oath off to the editor! I’m on track to have it published on October 22. To celebrate, here is a snip of that story:


Standing in the big room, Connie could hear the wind whistle outside. It was going to be a cold walk to her wedding. It was mid-morning, and the sun looked pale and weak to Connie as she donned several layers of winter gear. Faron and two of his men were by one of the stoves, where he was probably giving them orders. Connie and several of the women were a few feet away, close to the kitchen, and Des, Stag and two other men from Taye’s Pack were by the door. Connie snuck glances at Des. She was going to marry him. She still had trouble processing that fact. In a few hours she would be married to Des Wolfe. The hangover hadn’t ever fully materialized, so maybe she couldn’t blame Katie’s stash for the rash decision. What had she been thinking?

Kathy held out a hat. “It’s awfully cold out,” she said fretfully. “Do you want another scarf? Maybe another pair of socks?”

Connie was so bundled up she felt like an Abominable Snowwoman. There wasn’t enough winter outerwear for each of the women to have her own, but she and Sherry, whom Stag has persuaded to come to the den, had been urged to wear the warmest pieces. They would need them for the cold trek to the den.

Sammie took the hat and placed it at a jaunty angle over Connie’s pale blond hair. She leaned close and whispered, “Are you sure you want to marry him?”

Oh, yeah, now Connie remembered why she’d agree to marry Des. She didn’t have the heart to tell the younger woman that Des, standing only a few yards away, could probably hear their whispers clearly. “Yes,” she said firmly. “Why wouldn’t I?”

Sammie wavered. “Well, it’s just that, uh, you know. You said you didn’t want to marry anyone.”

Connie could have told the younger woman why she was marrying Des, but why make anyone feel bad? Instead she winked. “A girl has a right to change her mind, doesn’t she? And, have you looked at him?”

Sammie did, her expression doubtful. “Yeah, he’s good looking, if you like older guys… I mean, uh, if you’re old.” When Connie’s eyebrow flew up she fluttered her hands. “Sorry! But he’s got to be, like, thirty-five or forty.”

Kathy seemed to be having trouble keeping a straight face. “Ancient. But for an old man, he’s hawt.”

“Yeah.” Sammie winced. “I guess I’ll shut up now.”

“Good plan,” Connie said, but she smiled to let Sammie know she wasn’t angry.

She glanced at Des, who had his back to her. She liked the long legs in worn denim, the broad shoulders and narrow waist. The loose plaid wool jacket didn’t hide his shape. After years in the military, she was used to closely trimmed hair, but she even liked the thick black braids that hung smoothly down his back. She knew his eyes would be dark and serious as he spoke with Stag and his other friends. His features were strong and regular. Even his stoic, almost grim, expression couldn’t rob his high cheekbones and full mouth of their beauty. When he took a step closer to Stag, the worn denim cupping his firm round ass moved with him. His face was handsome, but his body was utterly gorgeous. As Kathy said, he was hot. Her sister would have called him lickable-licious. Connie always thought that was a ridiculous word for a grown woman to use. It was more suited to someone Sammie’s age. But looking at Des now, she decided lickable-licious was the perfect word to describe him.






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