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Writing Update & Excerpt

     Hello, all! As May goes on, I’m getting more and more excited about the Annual Reader & Author Get Together. I spent several hours today with my friend Jessica sewing her 1920s dancing dress for the murder mystery party at Duffy Brown’s. We’re nearly done with it. Next weekend I’ll make mine.

     On the writing front, I’ve been working hard on Eddie’s Prize, the story of model Lisa Anton and Eddie Madison, the son of the mayor of Kearney. For some reason this book has more love scenes in it already than the others, and I’m only half done. I’m just about to write another love scene and I’m not sure how it’s going to go. Eddie had just read an old magazine article about Lisa’s love life in 2064 and he’s jealous. The next minute he sees Lisa crying on a bench with one of his friends close beside her, comforting her. Eddie sees red. He drags Lisa home and makes furious love to her, to show her who her husband is. Lisa loves it. She has to, otherwise it’s not really a romance, is it? But that’s the beginning of their marriage problems. Eddie doesn’t trust her. The scene I’m really looking forward to is when she decides she’s had enough and leaves him to go live with Taye’s Pack.

     Also, Sherry’s Wolf is out all over now. (Except Barnes & Noble, grr.) It’s free everywhere except at Amazon. They don’t allow books to be priced at free unless it’s a publisher loading the book. So I had to price it at $0.99. I put a note at the bottom of the description saying the story was available elsewhere for free, but some people are paying for it anyway.  There’s a link on the page at the bottom of the product details section where people can report a lower price and hopefully Amazon will match it. If any of you could take a few minutes to report the lower price at one of the sites below maybe Amazon would make Sherry’s Wolf free. Please don’t feel you must. Only if you want to. 🙂  I meant this story to be a thank you gift to my readers, and it doesn’t seem very grateful to charge for a gift.


The iBookstore

Diesel ebooks

 ETA: Never mind! Looks like Amazon has dropped the price to $0.00! Thanks, everyone. who went to report the lower price. IT WORKED!

Oh, and I wrote the first chapter of Ellie and Quill’s book. I hope you enjoy Wolfs-Prize in its raw state. I imagine I’ll do some significant editing to this. I might even scrap it all together, but I haven’t shared much lately, so here you go.

That’s all for now, folks! For you moms reading this, I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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